Aries March 21 - April 19

Aries January 2021 Horoscope

Spotlighting My New 2021 Dreams & Initiatives

All eyes will be on you…and what you’re doing as the New Year begins. Situations are looking to find you, whether you’re looking for them or not, to get noticed. Get into a group-oriented mind set, perhaps even leading a group, because this is where so much energy is looking to find you in the coming year. People are now naturally attracting to you as you embark upon climbing up your 2021 mountains. It’s also possible that you’re picked – because of your experience – to handle something important. This could become quite clear by this month’s New Moon.

With the Sun transitioning through the most public sector of your astrology, it’s clear that important initiatives are calling your name. You have made great strides over the last five months to make a lot of things happen – and they did! Now, your ruling planet Mars, will switch gears as he leaves your sign and heads into a totally new terrain. Your initiatives will need to materialize into something that can be long lasting and sustainable. Have a plan, Aries, and be ready to commit yourself to things that will keep you excited over the long haul. With so much “out of the ordinary energy” in play this year I could also seeing you take some important directional shifts that will begin manifesting this month.

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