Aquarius November 2020 Horoscope

Great Attractor

November promises to be a very active —and public month! There is a lot of attraction energy coming your way and I want you to embrace it. Alongside the attention, key big picture cycles are wrapping up and energy is going to come to a heightened state. The true you will be looking to emerge alongside all of it. Your ruling planet, Uranus, was on over-drive as we closed out October, and I have no doubt he’ll continue to keep you on your toes in the coming weeks.

The good news is that stagnant energy is finally going to get moving, as two important planetary players, Mercury and Mars finally end their difficult retrogrades. Solutions and resolutions now come into play. Given nearly all of the planetary action taking place in the most public place of your astrology, prepare for a lot of eyes to be on you as you move through all the twists and turns. Some sort of reinvention is taking place alongside all this attention. A new kind of you is coming out from behind the scenes…

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