Aquarius February 2021 Horoscope

Celebrating My Authenticity & New Purpose

The most important month of your year has arrived! It’s time to embrace your astrological season to the absolute fullest. With five or more planets operating in your sign nearly all month long, there is just no stopping your Aquarian vibe. This is your zone of the year to tune into your awesomeness and showcase your brilliant authenticity. A totally new and different kind of drive to showcase your uniqueness comes on front and center. There is just no stopping it. The universe is going to be enticing you to push the envelope! Expect to feel rebellious along the way. Whatever happens in the coming weeks, will set the stage for the entire year ahead.

With Mercury going retrograde through your sign, there may be something of the past that needs to surface. It may be time to reinvent it, in a fresh kind of way. Experiment with all the ideas coming to your mind. Mercury might also trip up some of your plans. Expect the unexpected and be ready to go outside of your usual. Some of the detours coming up will actually help point you to where you need to go next.

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