Aquarius May 2021 Horoscope

Formulating My New Master Plan

The energy of May sets you into planning mode. It’s quite possible that you feel a bit of a excitement and buzz in the air as the month gets started. As the days go on, you’ll notice yourself getting ancy because a lot of energy will be looking to be expressed. These energy bursts could also manifest as big ideas or inspirational pops coming when you least expect them. A key theme surrounding the month ahead will be your family, home and where you live. New developments into one of these themes is looking to take root. It’s going to be important to see what focal points are looking to stay — and which are looking to go. I see you finding out-of-the-ordinary solutions as you make the decisions you need to.

We are, after all, embarking up on the first Eclipse Season of the year. The most important Full Moon of 2021 is delivered by month end and it’ll close out an important chapter. Goodbyes need to happen in order for hellos to follow and that is precisely the case here. You just won’t be able to fully realize the new beginnings until June when a Solar Eclipse takes place. That being said, you’ll get lots of glimmers of what it’s going to be as you make way through May.

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