The Astrology of Love at First Sight

There’s hope, though, if it doesn’t happen for you this week. Venus retrograde happens every 18 months or so and that’s a long time to wait if you’ve been searching for that special someone for a while. There’s other planets that can help…

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Astrology Team Building: Using Astrology as a Tool to Understand Team and Group Dynamics

Crystal B. Astrology Team Building Events help groups learn about their “Cosmic Superpowers” and gain tools for better communication, interaction, socialization and motivation

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Chiron in Aries Transit 2018-2027: Discovering What We’re Fighting For

Chiron in Aries Transit 2018-2027: Discovering What We’re Fighting For A New, Fresh & Pioneering Realm of Healing Comes into Effect with the Chiron in Aries Transit Beginning on April 17, 2018 Among all the changes happening in 2018, this…

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Sign of Cancer Remembering to Love The Moon Child to The Moon and Back

Most of them realize it but only some are truly in tune and accept their ability to recognize things that others simply can’t. A feeling in their stomach always comes over them when this part of them is in operation. They can read other…

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Starting a New Job During Mercury Retrograde

Most people will tell us not to start something new. The thought of starting a new job during mercury retrograde doesn’t seem to mesh with this thinking. BUT sometimes it’s a necessity.

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