We live by the Sun and feel by the Moon.

Nobody knows that better than a Cancer. Moon children are what they are at heart.  They are always drawn to its beauty during the dark night—especially when it’s full.

A Cancer will be the first to say, “Look at that Moon tonight.”

Similar to the Moon, part of them is always hidden so you may never know everything about them. They know if you really care, though, because a person born under this sign will always know. Intuition comes to them like second nature.

Most of them realize it but only some are truly in tune and accept their ability to recognize things that others simply can’t. A feeling in their stomach always comes over them when this part of them is in operation. They can read other people’s intentions easily and know their game far before anyone else has any notion of it.

A person born under the sign of Cancer never forgets—anything.

If we ever mistakenly forgot their birthday, they’ll remember the exact year and all the details surrounding precisely why we had forgotten. They will forgive but never forget.

Never ending thoughts and worries tend to keep them up at night. If you sleep next to one you might feel the constant twists and turns. Similar to the quick moving moon, a Cancer’s thoughts are always in a state of flux—even during sleep. Some may label this as moodiness but it’s not that at all. Thoughts and emotions are moving so fast that it can be difficult to stabilize it all at once. If any one of us stepped inside their psyches for a minute we’d sympathize quickly and appreciate how they handle it so well.

A Cancer likes going deep and will quickly shy away from the superficial stuff that can bog so many of the other signs down. They are quite careful, however, about letting people into their comfort zone. However, once we’ve gotten their OK, they can become very comfortable and have a hard time parting. Sometimes it’s hard for the rest of us to let go of them too since we tend to feel so at home when they are with us.

Home is usually their favorite spot and most thoroughly enjoy the kitchen.

They’ll have no problem whipping up some delicious comfort food for everyone to enjoy. Family reigns in their world and they will always be there before anyone else. Nothing can get in between them and their kin. They stick around for the long haul.

When it comes to relationships, a Cancer’s heart of gold wants nothing more than to take care of someone.

No matter how hard they try, they always fall back into this pattern time and time again. When you ask them what they want to do, they’ll likely reply with a request to just stay home and cuddle on the couch. They will always give us the best seat as long as we’re close to them.

A Cancer will continually find itself in situations where it has to “let go” but it has a hard time doing so.

Similar to a crab that clutches onto something for dear life, a Cancer does the same. They hold on through thick and thin but have a hard time recognizing when it’s time to finally cut the cord. Similar to a crab that retreats into his shell when he’s attacked or hurt, a Cancer will isolate or retreat back into their comfort zone when they are in emotional distress. Silence is their weapon.

We shouldn’t ever let their emotional side fool us. Being a cardinal sign, they are perseverant and driven. Some of the most successful people are born under this sign. A Cancer always goes in “all or nothing.”

Always remember to love the people close to you born under the sign of Cancer.  If there’s some debate on how to do that, I’d suggest a simple token of appreciation for all they do. That’s all these old souls really want. Find a way to love them to the moon and back and they’ll stick by your side forever. Give them an ounce of appreciation and see it come back tenfold.

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