Astrology Team Building: Using Astrology as a Tool to Understand Team and Group Dynamics

Astrology and Team Building Go Hand in Hand

We’re in a time and place in our collective that we’re trying to understand ourselves —and others on a deeper level. Learning more about the workings of our personality and those who surround us is essential. Astrology is fast and furiously becoming a widely accepted tool for helping us understand ourselves. It has also proven to be a powerful tool in helping us learn about others and relationships. The benefits astrology offers can extend into a wider range of relationship dynamics including how we work together in teams and groups. Astrology team building offers awareness, tools and solutions to support and help every team thrive successfully.

Bringing astrology into workplaces, schools, sports and any other group modalities is now happening. Astrology offers knowledge, insights, strategy and effective cooperative tools that help everyone deliver their best — together.

Over the last several years, I’ve developed a system using astrology to help us decode our team dynamics. Looking at our personal astrology is one thing — but what about taking everyone’s astrology together and adding it up to see what the group theme is? The results illuminate the group theme, super powers, passion and potential short comings. Astrology helps us to see our own individual mode of operation alongside the groups we are a part of.

Decoding the astrology of your group is a unique, fun and interactive team building experience like no other.

Through my dynamic, professionally led custom presentation, participants partake in a self-discovery journey about themselves alongside their co-workers.

“We recently had a team building event scheduled with Crystal. Crystal did our charts and was able to tell us where and how we all fit into the team dynamics, she was spot on. Crystal was able to keep the team engaged throughout our call. Our team is still talking about this and this was by far the best team event we have done to date….”

Some of the Key Themes my Astrology Team Building Workshops illuminate include:

  • Major Influences of Each Individual Team Member
  • Group Superpowers & Shortcomings
  • Group Interaction
  • Group Socialization
  • Group Motivation
  • Group Reaction

Through advance preparation, team members’ personal astrology charts are prepared and analyzed. I assist in helping everyone decode their astrology and super powers, alongside their team mates.

“By doing this team building activity together with Crystal, we were able to learn more about each other & start further discussions about how to get to know each other more & how to help develop each other. We’re sure to get a ton of future engagement & inclusion from having this event.”

Managers, Coaches & Teachers Can Use Astrology as a Tool to Understand Team Dynamics

One of the most difficult things as a manager, coach or leader is the ability to understand the needs of everyone at the same time. Astrology provides a map and tool to help you decode every one at the same time. It helps us define how we communicate and process information. It reveals how we operate socially, because we all approach social situations differently. Astrology also showcases what we need emotionally to thrive. If the group is happy, positive results follow.

Another major win that astrology provides is the insight into the group dynamic. By adding up everyone’s astrology, we can come up with an overall theme that the entire group showcases. Astrology also delivers an effective strategizing component. By knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, we can task individuals appropriately.

Crystal B Group Astrology Events are an experience that are not only fun but incredibly motivating and illuminating

Crystal B. Astrology Team Building Events help groups learn about their “Cosmic Superpowers” and gain tools for better communication, interaction, socialization and motivation. We all have constants in our personalities, which astrology sheds light on, but we are also always changing. I like to put special attention into each participant’s changing phases and “skin they are in” in connection to the group. This awareness centers around the fact that we are always changing, evolving and moving through all the different signs of the zodiac or what I call skins. My book: Feed Your Moon exclusively details this phenomenon which tends to be a favorite discussion point among participants.

“We invited Crystal to do a team workshop as a belated holiday event at the start of the new year. The team loved gaining insights into themselves as well as the dynamics of the team based on Crystal’s star charts and expert readings. She is a pleasure to work with and made everyone on the team feel included. I would absolutely work with Crystal again and highly recommend her for anyone wanting to bring some fun and camaraderie to team events.”

Each Team Building Event is custom designed to create a personal group element and help team dynamics shine through

Crystal aims to help all participants walk away with their own cosmic super powers. This begins with seeing their own astrology chart — or the picture of how the planets aligned at the time they were born.

“We hired Crystal for an evening team event, and it was better than we could have ever expected. Crystal has an incredibly natural way of connecting with people of all different backgrounds and astrological experiences. She kept it light and fun while giving our team members a ton of new knowledge and interesting information. We loved learning about our team dynamics, and Crystal was spot-on with every interpretation. Will definitely be recommending her to other teams both in and outside the company!”

Astrology Team Building Framework

Workshops can be designed anywhere from 45 minutes up to full day events. They can be facilitated virtually and in person. To begin, the ideal time to devote is 1.5 hours. During that time frame, Crystal will create a group learning environment in order to help people decode participant individual astrology alongside the entire group’s. Everyone ultimately walks away with tools to understand themselves better, communicate more effectively and have a better sense of connection. Add-ons for giveaways including private one-on-one consultations, copies of Crystal’s book, Feed Your Moon and monthly memberships can also be incorporated.

“Crystal did an amazing job for the People team at Glossier. We did a 2-hour astrology class, learning more about each other’s placements and how we work together. It was great to learn more about each other and also learn more about astrology in general. She was highly prepared, super communicative before and after the event, and even provided really amazingly designed personal astrology charts. 

I highly recommend Crystal B Astrology for any team-building event! You’re guaranteed to have fun and learn something new about yourself and your coworkers.”

Knowledge & Solutions for Your Team