The Astrology of Love at First Sight

Influences of Love

Love at first sight is something everyone knows about and most people hope to experience at least once in a lifetime. Of course it doesn’t always happen like the way we see it in the movies and not everyone can fall madly in love in one glance at a person. However, everyone has a different viewpoint depending on where they are coming from.

A dreamy Pisces would tell you that she’s holding out for this magical love phenomenon and a practical Capricorn would tell you to stop dreaming because we’re living in reality. But no matter what your view is – you can’t deny the fact that it CAN happen – and it does.

I’ve been thinking about this “love phenomenon” because we’re approaching a time when the planets are setting up in just the right way to make somebody fall helplessly in love despite their best efforts to not have it happen. Venus, the planet of love, is about to turn direct since she’s been moving backwards in the Zodiac (otherwise known as Venus Retrograde) for the last 6 weeks or so. When she stops still this week in 13 degrees Capricorn, she’ll set the stage for a select few to encounter the love goo-goo-ga-ga spell. So if you’re like that dreamy Pisces looking to be cast under a love spell, get yourself out there!

There’s hope, though, if it doesn’t happen for you this week. Venus retrograde happens every 18 months or so and that’s a long time to wait if you’ve been searching for that special someone for a while. There’s other planets that can help set the stage of love and bring that dreamy feeling into your awareness.

Blame It On Neptune & Uranus

My favorite planet in the love spell mix has to be to Neptune. You just need this alluring guy to help you fall helplessly in love and you might just act a little “drugged” while he’s affecting you. Neptune is a lover boy and can make any girl swoon in a love spell. He’s intoxicating and sometimes can make you see things differently than what they are. Ever fall for the wrong guy and everyone around you was like “WTF” are you doing?

Yup – no doubt Neptune was behind that disaster because most often Neptune comes with some secrets/skeletons in the closet and all sorts of other things you’d rather not have in a relationship. But you can’t deny that dreamy spell you were under … if only we could wrap it up in a bottle and not deal with the unnecessary baggage right?

The other necessary planet in the love at first sight mix has to be Uranus. Now, Uranus likes to surprise us. He’s that planet that makes you say “I can not believe that just happened to me.” If you’ve ever been shocked to the point of your jaw dropping – Uranus was behind it. He just loves to sneak up on us and totally knock our socks off. Unpredictable is his MO. When someone experiences that love spell – they are instantly struck at first sight. Now that is totally Uranus.

Alignment & Longevity

Neptune and Uranus set the stage but the other planets help too – like Venus is helping right now. She’s actually intensifying the stage (oooh la la!) and throwing a little karma into the mix. BUT setting the stage doesn’t mean the love will be long lasting – that’s up to other planetary alignments manifesting in your chart. Sometimes love at first site fades just as quickly as it came onto the scene. Once the spell is over you realize that you were really caught up in a spell.

But the reality of it never stopped anyone from trying! So for anyone out there in the love market – good luck this week. The planets will always align as they are supposed to for what we’re supposed to experience. We’re always meeting people for certain reasons and everyone comes with some sort of revelation or karmic lesson. This might just be your time to fall under that spell … and if you do … feel free to send us some leftovers – minus the excess baggage.