Chiron in Aries Transit 2018-2027:

Discovering What We’re Fighting For

Chiron in Aries Transit 2018-2027

A New, Fresh & Pioneering Realm of Healing Comes into Effect with the Chiron in Aries Transit Beginning on April 17, 2018

Among all the changes happening in 2018, this important transition is going to emit the most potential to step outside of whatever is bringing us down. A new search for identity is going to be set into motion. An important series of questions is going to start swirling around some of our minds.

“What is my purpose?” “Why am I really here?” “What does this mean for me?” “What is it that everyone wants from me?”

With Chiron entering Aries, the sign of the warrior, the most important question of them all will likely be “What am I fighting for?”

This is because Aries is the sign that is most in tune with the Mars energy of the warrior. For anybody looking to take their enlightenment or understanding of their purpose to the next level—this is the planetary push to get there. The only caveat is that we’re going to have find the courage to take on our own personal power first. If we shy away from doing that, or try to pass the buck onto someone else, then there will be some difficulty along the transformational path.

Chiron is healing energy but he is the original source of our deepest seeded conflict.

In our personal astrology or the picture that was created the moment we were born, Chiron represents our pain just as much as our potential to heal. He’s known to many as the Wounded Healer. Through my work with clients I’ve come to discover him as our “core wound.” He’s the symbol of extreme darkness—in addition to our light.

And we all have that dark & secret closet somewhere containing all sorts of pain from the past. These early childhood events usually took place somewhere in early childhood and represent a wound that held us back in some kind of way. It’s a place we had to experience loss, pain, attack, and loneliness. Of course, all our circumstances are different and not everyone’s demons are as dark as others. The more severe our wounds – the more afflicted Chiron tends to be in our personal astrology.

The Lotus Flower is symbolic of what Chiron represents.

Similar to the Lotus, Chiron originates in some sort of deep dark mucky water. That’s the pain part. But eventually, with time, the bloom of the lotus pushes up through that darkness into the light. When Chiron is activated in our own personal astrology (either natally or by the transiting Chiron) we are pushed to do what the lotus does. His influence begins to prompt us to get out of the muck and find a way into the light.

With the Chiron in Aries transit, the way out or rather up into the light will be a firey one. Aries is a fire sign that represents our desire to be fierce and begin anew. This transit will be prompting us to get more in tune with our courageous and daring side. A new kind of way is about to be discovered in order to find our way out of the muck.

The difficulty will stem from Chiron’s challenge that exposes situations of the past. But this new phase will be encouraging us to see it in a new light. Despite Chiron being so wounded, he’s the very source of where our biggest transformation will take place. The good news is that Aries is one of the signs that is quick to forgive and forget. As a result, its influence will be a great support all throughout our transformational journey.

The last time Chiron was in the sign of Aries was the periods of 1918-1926 and 1968-1977. As a result, those born during these periods have spirited and pioneering energy running through them – despite any of their other astrological placements. They also seem to have a great deal of courage and have the ability to be very in tune with their warrior energy. There is something about them that can take quick action and take things on in a fierce kind of way.

During the Chiron in Aries Transit people born between 1968-1977 will be going through one of the most significant transits of their lives – their Chiron Return.

The Chiron Return, or moment that Chiron originates back to the place he was when we were born, gets us in touch with our biggest life transformation and release. Some might call it a crisis of meaning while others will refer to it as a major awakening and acceptance of who they truly are.

Of course, this can only happen if we did some of the dirty work. The lotus can’t bloom without the muck and it works just the same for us. We won’t be able to shine our light unless we’ve taken the time to dance with our demons. The wounded side of Chiron requires that we make peace with them in order to transition into a new level of our soul’s development.

The Chiron Return, taking place around the ages of 50-51, is our soul’s need to completely wipe away all those toxicities that have potentially been holding us back on our life path.

It’s one of the most important transits in regards to our path to enlightenment and understanding of who we truly are. A requirement of it happening (in the way we want) is the need to let go of any ego attachments, fears and worry surrounding who our truest person really is. It’s an important marker of time in our soul’s development where we can ‘wipe the slate clean’ so to speak. It’s a moment in time where we can make peace with the past and truly shine the light of who we are. A potential to shine our strongest is in play.

Chiron in Aries Transit Personal Effects

No matter what your age, the Chiron in Aries transit will create a significant shift. It will have an effect on all of us in some way. Chiron is representative of not only our own personal wounds but of medicine and all types of healing. We will likely see new and pioneering shifts of medicine and healing during this phase. As he moves through the sign of Aries over the course of the next 8-9 years or so, he will be triggering other planets and signs along the way. We’re all going to have to have to dance with some of those past hurts in some way, shape or form.

Of course, some signs will be wrapped up in the cycle more than others.  For example Aries, along with the other cardinal signs of Cancer + Libra + Capricorn, will be challenged. They will need to be more in tune with their inner warrior in order to embrace his wounded-healer message. Leo and Sagittarius (the fire signs) will catch more of the healing energy in this cycle with Chiron beginning to support their sign.

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Chiron in Aries Transit Dates

Chiron will enter the sign of Aries on April 17, 2018 – and remain there until Sept 25, 2018. He will then transition back into Pisces (where he’s been operating since February 10, 2011) for another 5 months or so for a final wrap up. On February 17, 2019, he’ll re-enter Aries once again and remain there for the next 7 years or so (through June 19, 2026). He will then head into Taurus and those born during the period of 1976-1984 will begin to experience their Chiron Returns.

Chiron will pop back into Aries from a final wrap up on September 18, 2026, and remain there for an additional 7 months (through April 14, 2027). After that, he’ll re-enter Taurus once again and remain there for the next 7-8 years beyond that.


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