Live Astrology Event Montclair NJ: A Magical Night 2024 Astrology Forecast December 2

Live Astrology Event in Montclair NJ. A Magical Night in Person Celebration Detailing the Astrology of 2024 with Astrologer Crystal B. on December 2, 2023 at Moss & More in Upper Montclair NJ.

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In Person Past Life Regression Full Moon Eclipse Workshop

Past Life Regression Season has arrived. Join me for a Full Moon Eclipse Past Life Regression Workshop during the Oct 28 Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, at Flux Yoga studio in Cedar Grove, NJ.

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June 21: Live Virtual Astrology Event Celebrating the Solstice Plus a New Season of Karmic Connection & Fated Occurrences

Join Me on June 21 for a special virtual Astrology Event & Workshop celebrating the Cancer Solstice alongside a New Season of Karmic Connection & Fated Occurrences

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Taurus New Moon: Growing New Roots

Learn more about the May 19 Cazimi Taurus New Moon. It's time to begin creating new roots for your future, while contending to some tipping point energy.

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Jupiter Enters Taurus: A New Cycle of Abundance Begins

Jupiter Enters Taurus on May 16, 2023 welcoming a new cycle of abundance. Learn more about this important cycle, which in in effect till May 25 of 2024!

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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mercury Station Direct: May 14

Learn more about the Mother's Day twist with Mercury Station Direct in Taurus. There's a lot happening in this planetary picture as we celebrate all mother's round the world!

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Mercury Retrograde Through Taurus: April 21-May 14

Learn more about the Mercury Retrograde through Taurus is in effect April 21 - May 14

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In Person Past Life Regression Workshop Montclair NJ: May 4 2023

In Person Past Life Regression is Back! Join me for a very special Past Life Regression Workshop upon May's Blood Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, on May 4 in Montclair NJ, in the botanical setting of Moss & More.

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Pluto Previews Aquarius and a New Revolution Begins March 23 – June 11 2023

A major shift in our personal lives, as well as in our collective, arrives as Pluto previews Aquarius the sign of group action, revolution, technology and innovation. Learn more about what to expect over the next several months as the…

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