Live Astrology Event Montclair NJ: A Magical Night 2024 Astrology Forecast December 2

Live In Person Astrology Event in Montclair NJ: A Magical Night Celebrating the Astrology of 2024 with Astrologer Crystal B.

Learn about the 2024 Astrology in the botanical setting of Moss & More –
Join me in my favorite town for an in-person experience detailing the magic of all that 2024 has to offer. I’m very excited to partner with my neighbor, Moss & More for the 3rd year in a row. We are celebrating our annual astrology forecasting and inspiration event. Join us for a fun, insightful and inspirational gathering detailing all of the 2024 influences that will engage with every sign!

Learn All About the Year Ahead

This fun, insightful and inspirational in person astrology event will detail the game changing, transformational and pioneering energy of 2024 that influences every sign!

Find out what 2024 has to offer with relationships, new beginnings, important cycle wrap-ups and healing opportunities. Expect to learn about important dates including opportunity zones and caution points! Get inspired, hear about your sign’s superpowers in the coming year and gain insight into how to work the terrain to your advantage.

This special event will motivate you to set positive intentions while energizing your vision into all the possibilities that await. 2024 is a pioneering year filled with important cycle wrap ups including extremes, hope, healing and lots of spiritual soul food. Discover how to use all of the 2024 astrology to navigate with a clear mind and courageous heart.

Event Details:

Be part of a live event set in Moss & More’s very special botanical event space in Upper Montclair, NJ. Crystal will help you prepare along with instill a special dose of cosmic wisdom as she helps you look into the future with your own special kind of vision. Find out where your new personal passions and desires can be found.

This 2-hour event is open to anyone interested in what the planets have to say (beginners all the way up to experts!). No prior astrology knowledge required. It’s an opportunity to learn all about the major planetary influences easily and how to make them work for you.

Date & Time: December 2, 2023, 7-9pm

Place: Moss & More, 42 Upper Montclair Plaza, Montclair NJ 07043

Cost: $125 for 1 or $200 for 2

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