Jupiter Enters Taurus: A New Cycle of Abundance Begins

Jupiter Enters Taurus on May 16, 2023 welcoming a new cycle of abundance. Learn more about this important cycle, which in in effect till May 25 of 2024!

Jupiter Enters Taurus on May 16, 2023 and Stays Through May 25, 2024

Jupiter’s entrance into Taurus on May 16 will be most welcome. And once he enters the sign that loves all thing beautiful and sweet, he will remain here for the rest of 2023 (and beyond!). Jupiter’s new mode of operation will entice us connect to the expansiveness & abundance of Taurus. It’s a good place for Jupiter to be and one that will help us find solid footing, stability, new sources of abundance & money, places to implant our roots and things to awaken our portals of pleasure. In Taurus, Jupiter wants to help us gain and prosper. Jupiter will remain in earthy, sensual, beautifying Taurus till May 25, 2024.

Jupiter runs in 12 year cycles. The last time he was in Taurus was June 2011 – June 2012. Think back to the things happening to you during that period. There could be something similar happening again.

Jupiter in Taurus Time Line

May 16, 2023: Jupiter enters Taurus
Sept 4, 2023: Jupiter stations retrograde (15 degrees 35′)
Dec 30, 2023: Jupiter stations direct (05 degrees 35′)
April 20, 2024: Great Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus (21 degrees 49′)
May 25, 204: Jupiter enters exits Taurus and enters Gemini

Jupiter in Taurus Themes

Wherever Jupiter goes he expands the nature of the sign — this can be for better or for worse. Sometimes too much of something is not the greatest. That being said, Jupiter is happy in the realm of Taurus. He’ll want to expand our opportunities to grow roots, find new portals of abundance and engage with our senses.

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