Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mercury Station Direct: May 14

Learn more about the Mother's Day twist with Mercury Station Direct in Taurus. There's a lot happening in this planetary picture as we celebrate all mother's round the world!

An Important Mother’s Day Twist Arrives with Mercury Station Direct

Mercury Retrograde is finally over! This time the trickster planet will start moving forward on the most important day of the year celebrating Mothers. On May 14, right along side Mother’s Day Mercury stations direct in the sign of Taurus. He’s been backtracking through the sign ever since April 21, wreaking havoc from every angle.

Now, an important go period arrives once again. At this point, however, we likely have a completely new perspective on how to move forward — and where to go next.

There’s so much happening as Mercury gets ready to station direct. Mars will be in the 29th degree of Cancer, as well as big ‘ol Jupiter in the 29th degree of Aries. A major turning point comes into play.

There's ALOT Going on this Month! Learn All About It!