Taurus New Moon: Growing New Roots

Learn more about the May 19 Cazimi Taurus New Moon. It's time to begin creating new roots for your future, while contending to some tipping point energy.

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A Strengthening Taurus New Moon Begins a New Story

On May 19, 2023 a rebuilding Taurus New Moon, highlighting the strength & durability of the sign of the bull, helps us realign with new directions that have been calling. A planetary calm begins to surround our efforts and fresh perspectives have the potential to be seen. New opportunities will want to take root, as well as universal luck factors delivering unexpected positives into our situations.

Something very exciting and beautiful about this May 19 New Moon is the abundance of Taurus energy. It’s A.L.O.T.! We’re going to have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus and lucky Jupiter all pumping in the earthy sign. Most importantly will be Jupiter, only be a few days into his year long stretch of expanding all things connected to the sign of the bull.

Some Uncomfortable Energy Comes Along for the Ride

A big dose of tipping point energy will add to the flavor of this abundant New Moon. Mars, the matchstick, will be operating in the 29th degree of Cancer. Mars triggers things. Something of value or that makes us feel safe could begin to take on a brand new perspective. Feelings of not being safe could surround us. Eruptive trigger Mars will also be operating in a TSQUARE with Jupiter (newly in Taurus) and Pluto (in the early degree of Aquarius). Given the volatility and uncomfortableness of this combination, it’ll be important to be mindful of reactions. There is something that may happen that makes you feel powerless. remember what you have control over — and what you don’t.

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