In Person Past Life Regression Workshop Montclair NJ: May 4 2023

Join Me in Montclair NJ on May 4 for a Live Past Life Regression Workshop

In Person Past Life Regression is Back! Join me for a very special Past Life Regression Workshop upon May’s Scorpio Blood Full Moon Eclipse in the botanical setting of Moss & More.

More About This Event

Past Life Regression sessions can help you access your past lives to understand who you were, the experiences you had, and the relationships you had in prior lifetimes. These deep experiences are often used to alleviate symptoms such as physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more. They can also be used to get more deeply in touch with your soul to discover more facets of your divine nature.

My Past Life Workshop Includes:

Taking place in the botanical setting of The Studio at Moss & More, Crystal will lead a group past life regression exercise, healing visualization and important karmic connections.

During this ‘Past Life Regression Workshop’, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Discover extraordinary details about your past life times
  • Release fears from this lifetime, as well as prior lifetimes
  • Practice healing visualizations
  • Have the opportunity to connect with your spiritual advisors, soul mates, soul companions & loved ones that have past away
  • Access your subconscious to release patterns of thinking that no longer serve you
  • Release fears from this lifetime

What you can expect in class:

  • The workshop will begin with an introduction into the journey, with special emphasis on the importance of May’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Connect to the moon, yourself and your own intuition to release what no longer serves. Once you have signed up, please be prepared to send your date of birth, time and location of birth for group astrology purposes.
  • Crystal will then lead the group into a past life regression hypnosis. Please bring a journal (for writing down your experience) yoga mat, pillow and comfortable blanket. An eye mask will be supplied but if you prefer your own eye covering feel free to bring that instead.
  • Even though your eyes will be closed, you will still be conscious and in control of what you want to do during the session. You will always feel safe and protected.
  • When you awaken, Crystal will go through an overview of the journey she took you through. It’s helpful to discuss the outline, or what Crystal calls chapters, of the regression. Given the strong astrology taking place in the skies during this workshop, Crystal will also integrate astrological influences.
  • Crystal will then facilitate a group discussion about your experiences, asking for volunteers to share. You are free to choose if you want to share or not. Some people prefer to keep their experience private. It is insightful to hear what others encountered as it could end up relating to your own journey. There have been instances in these classes where two or three people in the class (who do not know each other) end up experiencing the same life time. Family members who have taken the class sometimes experience the same life times together.
  • Crystal will be available for Q&A throughout the groups’ processing time.
  • Crystal will give you the opportunity to experience 2-3 lifetimes. Some participants jump through various lifetimes, while others end up staying in a particular lifetime. Your subconscious is in control of staying with my instruction or not. Whatever you’re meant to experience and connect with is what dominates.
  • Keep in mind that it’s easier for some people to regress than others. There is no way to guarantee a particular experience. Come with an open mind. If you are unable to go into the regression state, you will still walk away with a total body relaxation, helping you feel lighter and more relaxed.

Things to keep in mind when exploring your Past Lives:

All of us have been everything: female, male, all nationalities/race, friends, lovers, killers, sisters, brothers, etc. There is no discrimination and it’s important to be open-minded. Be open to energy – not just how a person looks. Someone may feel like someone you know but they will look totally different.

Several people also report that I don’t “see” things …. I “feel” them …. So be open to that and all sensations of energy/ awareness, as well!

Each lifetime delivers important lessons, understanding and themes. Crystal will guide the class to help get in touch with up to 3 lifetimes, but your subconscious is in charge. Sometimes, it will want to stay in a lifetime for an extended period of time and that needs to be honored. Also be open minded that you may connect with people who are no longer alive. People consistently report connections with the deceased throughout Crystal’s regressions. This could be with those of this lifetime or ancestors of your past. What’s beautiful about this possibility is the opportunity to see a loved one, feel them and have a conversation if you so choose.

Be open to the possibilities – but also know that there is no guarantee of what you’ll discover. Crystal always does her best to help participants walk away with a rich experience. Crystal will begin the hypnosis with childhood memories and then go backwards from there. The least you’ll walk away with is a very deep relaxation which is healing in itself. The most, will be awareness of several life times, healing of prior hurts, understanding of cyclical patterns, connections with those who’ve past away and conversations with your spiritual guides.

No prior preparation is necessary to take this workshop. Only an open mind of an experience.

Date & Time

May 4, 203: 6:30-9:30PM
Montclair, NJ
Cost: $129