If you are looking for a unique gift for a new baby in your life, a “New Baby Astrology Report” is something every parent would love and treasure.  As a parent myself, I know that there’s nobody more fascinating than our children and I love using the insight of Astrology to try to understand them better.  For babies and children especially, Astrology is an excellent tool to gain a better understanding of their unique personalities.  Each report contains a lot of information that will fascinate as well as be fun to read.

At the exact moment a baby is born each of the planets aligned in a very unique placement in the sky.  I like to call this our “special picture” that the planets made just for us.  The art of Astrology is actually taking each person’s special picture and analyzing the placements and activity of each planet.

Natal Chart

This special picture or “Natal Chart” as we refer to it in Astrology terms can show what personality traits will be prominent as well as what parts of the life will be most active.  You can have similar characteristics to people born on the same day in the same place – but it is the time that will make each of you unique.  Even twins can have totally different charts!  Since the planets move very quickly – approximately every 2 minutes – a totally new picture is painted each time they move.

Each report will reveal how each planet works in your baby’s astrological make-up and what you can expect to develop as their personalities mature.  What most people don’t realize is that it’s important to look at how each planet operates – not just the Sun Sign (which is most prominently discussed in Astrology).  Each of the planets  is there to help us learn more about our little ones.  If we listen to what they have to say we can really start to understand their personalities better.  It not only can help you understand them better – but it can also help you know how to interact  in the best way possible.

Cost: $49