Feed Your Moon

Predictive and Mindful Astrology One Phase at a Time by Crystal B.

No matter what your sun sign or other planetary constants, everyone gets a chance to experience each zodiac sign once, twice, or even possibly three times throughout your life. This modern astrology book by astrologer, Crystal B., is broken down into three phases for easy reading and referencing (Phase 1: Astro Basics, Phase 2: The Power of the Progressed Moon, and Phase 3: Advanced Techniques and Relationship)

This book of self-discovery has been written for both beginners and astrology junkies alike. Crystal B. brings to light the laws of the universe in connection to our evolving phases while delivering the truths of the not commonly discussed Progressed Moon. FEED YOUR MOON is the key to tuning into the “skin you’re in” and changing astrological influences in your life with an easy-to-read recipe written in three phases from beginner to advanced understanding. Crystal’s tools will help you embrace and honor your authentic self, understand your evolving relationship needs, gain perspective on the mystifying events in your life, and learn to use planetary influences to your advantage.

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Discover the Twelve Skins of the Zodiac on and check out the photographic collective, a representation of twelve people in their Progressed Moon sign or “skin they are in” at the time the photo was taken – on

Find more information here about “Finding Your Progressed Moon: What Skin Are You In?” in this article. Finding your progressed moon is a key component in understanding what phase you’re currently in as well as what events/themes will be taking center stage.