September 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to my September 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology! An important month for review, revision & new plans and cycles arrives. Learn more with my horoscopes and monthly forecast.

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September 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology

September kicks off in Virgo Season with the Sun shining in the sign that likes to organize, detail and get back to work—and school! I promise there will be a good amount of opportunity to take advantage of in the coming weeks. September is a much easier terrain than August, provided you can go with its ebbs and flows. I say that because September begins with a lot of planetary back tracking. As the month kicks off there will be 6 planets retrograde.

In the early days of the month (Sept 3) Venus is reborn as the morning star as she motions direct in Leo. This is a momentous moment where the power of love shines bright. A new 8 year cycle of connection, value and partnership begins. For some of us what happens will be remembered forever. As you head into the month, make sure to love yourself and h0nor what you need as you move into the next.

At the same time that Venus is motioning forward, good luck Jupiter needs to motion back. The planet of expansion and opportunity heads into his annual retrograde on Sept 4. Interestingly enough he may deliver some important wins or opportunities at that time, despite needing to bow out for a bit. He won’t move forward again till the end of December but it’s not a bad thing. As he moves back, he’s just helping us strengthen and fortify how we can expand into the next.

An important slow down is part of the first half of the month. Diversions will draw us in and likely help us find a new system for our next. Once September’s New Moon (Sept 14) arrives alongside Mercury’s station direct (Sept 15) expect a real quickening. Once we get to this monthly mid point a totally new momentum takes over.

We’ll gain a lot of benefit out of the Virgo energy pushing us to find a new order and system for ourselves. Progress is in the making! I also want you to keep in mind your BIG PICTURE. There’s a lot of earthy support in the coming weeks. The Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Something solid wants to find ROOTS. Don’t rush after the quick fix but rather choose a road that has long term potential.

I really like September’s Cazimi Virgo New Moon. There is a lot of promise with what it wants to deliver. I feel like it has “new job vibes” all over it. The seasons also change this month. The Libra Equinox arrives later in September along with a new energy shift. I’m very excited for the season ahead in regards to new alliances, romantic relationships & partnerships and collaborations. A potent Aries Full Moon (also known as the Harvest Moon) follows the seasonal shift. Expect important decisions that need to be made quickly (Aries) as you close out the month!

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