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Relationship Astrology Readings are Probably the Best Kind of Insight We Can Get When it Comes to Matters of the Heart

Learning about a relationship, planetary style, is one of the most beneficial things Astrology can help us. The people we encounter in our lives are part of our life-path and the things we can learn from each other are always beneficial in some way or another. Not all of the lessons are easy ones but there is no doubt that there are certain people we are destined to meet and be with.

The planets can tell us all about the special connections we make we another person. They can reveal both the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship – as well as things we can do to strengthen the bond we have.

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Perhaps you felt a strong connection from your very first encounter or time allowed you to grow into your connection. Whatever the case may be, the planets are always involved in the way you feel about each other and there’s always something insightful to be revealed about those feelings.

The way Relationship Astrology Readings work is pretty neat

Two charts are compared, analyzed and combined in order to see the inner workings of the people in question. Astrology can reveal whether destiny is involved, the longevity of the relationship, the dynamic forces that pulled you together, as well as challenges that may be faced during the course of the relationship.

Love matters are the most popular type of Relationship Astrology. However, this type of analysis can be done with any two individuals who are seeking to know more about their relationship. Family dynamics, such as mother & daughter or son, friends, co-workers and business partners are all types of relationships that can be looked at planetary style. Not only can the planets reveal how powerful and long-lasting a relationship can be but it can also provide tips on how to build upon your strengths and overcome weaknesses with each other.

Everybody who has done this type of analysis is amazed at the level of detail and how much the planets can reveal about each person involved.

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Relationship Astrology - Destiny, Longevity, Karma, SoulmatesThings Needed to Get Started with a Relationship Astrology Reading

From a predictive standpoint, the exact time of each person’s birth is preferred. This helps for the most accurate picture of interpretation. However, I realize that getting those pieces of information are not always possible.

Other important dates that help with my analysis are: 1) date & time of the marriage/union and/or 2) date & time when you first met. This information will also help me in my analysis. The cost for this type of consultation is $225 and lasts 1. 5 hours (90 minutes).

More About Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology

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If you are even thinking of booking a session with Crystal B Astrology….DO IT! I was completely blown away on not only the accuracy, but how enlightened, funny and real she was. She really is a diamond in the rough. Accurate, enlightened astrologers are very few and far between. I’ll definitely be a repeating client.

Kelli MillerPsychic/Medium

Crystal B is no ordinary Astrologer. Her gifts go way beyond simply mapping the star chart of your destiny. She sees right into your sparkly soul and with a touch of magic knows exactly what you need to navigate those heavenly curve balls. A consultation is like meeting up with your best friend who just had a sit down with the universe and has the inside scoop. As a fellow intuitive (and Pisces) I trust her wisdom and guidance. I’m in awe of her lifetime of experience and knowledge, but even m…

Elizabeth HarperAngel Medium, CEO & Founder of Sealed With Love

What a wonderful session I had with Crystal! I loved every minute of it. I’m really familiar with all things esoteric, including astrology, so it isn’t easy to impress me! I really was impressed with how she wove all the aspects of my chart – past, present and future, together so beautifully. Being a Virgo I especially enjoyed her practical, down-to-earth, easy to understand approach. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and look forward to our next session!

Kari SamuelsIntuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach, San Diego, CA