October 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to my October 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology! This power fueled month delivers two back to back eclipses. Eclipse Season has arrived and along with it, new doors opening and old ones closing. It’s time to embrace change once again! Learn more with my horoscopes and monthly forecast.

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October 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology

October delivers an action packed month with two back to back eclipses. Eclipse Season has arrived and along with it, new doors opening and old ones closing. It’s time to embrace change once again! The month begins with the sign of Libra being showcased to the fullest. Libra is the sign of partnerships, justice, peace and all things beautiful. It’s also a cardinal sign and takes action when it needs to. We’ve now entered a time when the sign of Libra is really getting the universe’s attention.

With Mars in Libra until Oct 10, we can expect to see more events highlighting the necessity of advocating for what’s right. After that, he’ll move into Scorpio pushing our investigative triggers. Mars in Scorpio desires power, as well, and we’re likely going to be seeing this theme unfold in the coming weeks.

Venus will wrap up her 4 month run in the sign of Leo. Ever since early June, she’s been moving forward, back and now forward again, through the sign of the brave hearted lion. She likely will deliver some important closing events as she concludes the beginning of this new 8 year cycle of value (which officially began in early September). Expect to gain an even deeper awareness of what’s most important to you. Venus makes her final exit out of Leo on October 8. From that point on, she’ll move into the sign of Virgo pushing the practicality factor.

Pluto, the planet of power and powerlessness, promises to make a big statement on October 10. He’ll station direct in the sign of Capricorn creating new momentum forward into where we must go next. Despite, fear and uncertainty, Pluto pushes us forward to rise up and turn pain into power. Expect events to surface that propel you into power and/or challenge you.

Winged Mercury finally dances out of Virgo on October 4. The communication planet has been operating here since late July (an extra long time given his retrograde). It’ll be a welcome shift as he begins to further activate the sign of Libra — pushing diplomacy and tactfulness in all our conversations. Later in the month, on October 22, Mercury heads into the strategic waters of Scorpio. This will push our curiosity factor and probe us to get to the bottom of things.

A Solar Eclipse takes place in Libra on October 14 activating all its light — creating important new beginnings and collaborations. A key, however, is breaking through the shadows. On the positive Libra is balanced, collaborative, peaceful and communicative. In the shadows, though, it can appease too much and neglect to consider itself. October presents dynamics where we may need to readjust the scales—and make sure to consider our individual needs alongside others.

Scorpio Season begins on October 23. This shift begins the time of year to dive deep into our psyches and with each other. Scorpio is deep, intense and transformative. It also relishes in the dark and exposes things that have been hidden. Expect major revelations as we move into the later stages of October and Scorpio Season. On October 28, a grand finale Taurus Lunar Eclipse activates and presents another major close out. Alongside the new beginnings presented in earlier October, now comes the endings. This high energy Full Moon concludes the activations of the Taurus/Scorpio polarities that have surrounded us since the end of 2021. On a smaller scale, it takes all the things that began earlier in May of this year to the next level.

There’s a lot in store! Expect to be on your toes as you ride through the highs and lows of all that needs to be seen and experienced. Halloween closes the month out and I hope that it delivers more treats than tricks!

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