May 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to the May 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology. The month ahead welcomes a calm after the storm. New opportunities are blooming, in addition to an abundance of planetary support. Learn more about what it all means for you with my member horoscopes.

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May 2024 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to May! At long last, the planets are aligned to offer the “calm after the storm.” There is so much opportunity for everyone in the coming weeks. Things are blooming all around! May begins in Taurus season with the celebration of Beltane, which is the half-way point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. There’s a new feel in the air of optimism and positivity. The month closes out in a busy (and extra special) Gemini season delivering new momentum with socializing and explorations in new curiosities for us all.

Pluto, the planet of death & rebirth, makes a statement as things kick off. He’ll station retrograde (in the sign of Aquarius) on May 2 delivering new revelations and turning points. We’ve come a long way since his last turn in October of 2023. But now an important check in arrives to remind us of our on going transformation. Pluto shows us where we have control and where we don’t. Once we’re through Pluto’s turn, energy really begins to ease up!

May’s highlight’s include a very special Taurus Cazimi New Moon (May 7). New roots are finally taking hold and the universe presents what is destined to become long lasting. Mars, the planet of action, will operate in Aries (his BEST placement) all month long giving us EXTRA momentum.  A new kind of fuel pushes us forward. Venus will be in Taurus (her best placement) nearly all month long (till May 23) showcasing opportunity to look good, find new serenity and embrace new relationships.  Sagittarius delivers some big wins with a “lovers” Full Moon (in the sign of Sagittarius) taking place on May 23. I see new opportunities to shoot for the stars stemming out of this celebratory Full Moon. This lunation is probably my favorite of 2024!

Jupiter makes a BIG statement in May. His final hurrah in Taurus (till May 25) delivers an important grand finale. He’s been travelling through Taurus since May of 2023 and it’s time to close out this phase and move into the next. Gemini takes the stage with Jupiter’s grand entrance into the curious and dual natured sign of May 25. This shift is another major happening of the year. Jupiter sign changes are big. HE hasn’t been in Gemini since 2012-2013.

The month of May also showcases Mother’s Day and a celebration of all mothers around the world. This particularly Mother’s Day (May 12) the Moon will be place in mama bear Cancer — the sign that connects to mother most. Abundance, healing, opportunity and new connections will come out of all these planetary happenings. There is something special for everyone.

All the extra personal details of my May 2024 forecast can be found in my Member Horoscopes. In the membership, you’ll find detailed videos (for every major May turn), special articles and cosmic monthly wisdom to help guide you through and plan accordingly. Just like there is a lot happening in REAL LIFE, there’s a lot in my membership to explain it ALL!

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