Maui Rebirth Astrology Retreat 2023: The Astrology Behind the Retreats

Learn More About the Difference Between the May and October Rebirth Maui Astrology Retreat

It’s time for some astrology retreat Q & A surrounding the differences between the Rebirth May and October Astrology Retreat on Maui. Maui is equally beautiful and has less tourism during each period but the energy in the skies will be different. Knowing these differences may help you choose which time frame works best for your intentions.

You can also watch the REPLAY of a Live I did on Instagram discussing more about the astrology of these retreats … alongside some other neat astro tidbits! Watch now.

The May Rebirth Retreat will take place in Taurus Season and featuring an expansive amount of Taurean energy. Taurus is a sign, ruled by Venus, and in tune with senses, as well as nature. It centers around stability and finding roots to implant upon. Taurus is also very connected to abundance and value. It’s a sign that wants you to know your worth. During the May Rebirth Retreat, a Taurus New Moon will take place heightening our abilities to set new intentions for ourselves.

Adding to the abundant energy of Taurus, expansive and lucky Jupiter will also enter the sign of Taurus during the May Rebirth Retreat. Jupiter hasn’t been in the sign of Taurus for 12 years. At the time he makes his way into Taurus, new opportunities to find grounding, grow roots and connect with new value for ourself arrive.

Saturn will also be newly travelling through the sign of Pisces, delivering new attention attention into different modes of spirituality and beliefs. During the time of the May Retreat, Saturn will be operating in a trine (or fortunate combination) with Venus (the ruler of Taurus) in the sign of Cancer. Opportunity for long lasting (Saturn) connection (Venus) present, as well as taking new responsibility (Saturn) for what you value (Venus).

Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, will be newly in Aquarius. Since Pluto moves so slowly his sign changes are radically important. A new age and time will come out of Pluto’s ride through Aquarius — a sign that values group energy and honoring all the things that make you unique.

The October Rebirth Retreat takes in the height of Eclipse Season, which is a period of deep transformation and shadow work. As the retreat begins, the Sun will be transitioning out of Libra and into Scorpio. Scorpio Season is the opposite of Taurus Season. Scorpio is a deeply transformative sign that believes in regeneration and renewal. It also appreciates going deep inside in order to find answers and get to the heart of our matters.

During the October Retreat, a Taurus Full Moon Eclipse will feature. Full Moon Eclipses offer times of powerful release and reset, in order to make way for the new.

Saturn will still be in Pisces, however during the October Retreat he’ll be moving back into the very early degrees. He’ll be operating in a beneficial trine with Mercury (the planet of communication and thoughts) in Scorpio. This combination presents opportunity to speak about things that you haven’t been able to in the past.

Pluto will have transitioned back into Capricorn at this time of the year, finishing out his run in this sign (the place he’s been since 2008!). Some final wrap up of transformation will present before Pluto re-emerges into Aquarius in January 2024.

There is no doubt that both periods will be incredibly transformational offering opportunities for your own personal rebirth. The most significant difference is the polarity of the Taurus and Scorpio energy. May delivers the opening of new doors and setting of intentions. October features a process of release and let go in order to make way for the next.