March 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology

Welcome to my March 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology! Learn more with my horoscopes and monthly forecast.

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March 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology

HELLO to a big month ahead! There is A.L.O.T. to discuss with all the happenings in the weeks ahead. I have no doubt that all of us will move into a totally new trajectory by the time the month is complete!

The month begins with the two benefics of the zodiac, Jupiter and Venus, dancing together beautifully in the sign of Aries. Something special (and lucky!) leads us into, quite likely, the most powerful month of 2023. Make sure to keep an open eye for what NEW things are beginning to bloom. While the month begins in “go with the flow” Pisces Season, there will be a distinct Aries feel sprinkled all throughout. If you feel a bit dazed and confused in the beginning, expect to feel a wake up and major push into new beginnings as the month goes on. March is a month where many of us will take leaps into the unknown. The sense of “newness” and push will grow as we get closer to the later stages of the month. It’ll ignite fully by the Aries Equinox and seasonal shift — which opens completely new doors and opportunities.

Embedded in the month of March will be two very powerful planetary shifts. In early March, right alongside an emotional Virgo Full Moon, Saturn will exit Aquarius (the place he’s been since March 2020) and emerge into Pisces (his new home for the next 3 years or so). Saturn sign changes begin significant develops in our personal lives, as well as the collective. On top of that, Pluto will also make a sign change! He will exit Capricorn and preview the sign of Aquarius. Pluto doesn’t change signs frequently. The last time he changed signs was in 2008!

In addition to these major planetary shifts, March also presents a change of season (Aries Equinox) and one of the most potent New Moons of 2023 (in Aries). A new astrological year will begin filled with new adventures, pioneering starts and lots of go+go+go energy. March also features Mars’ final stretch in Gemini (the place he’s been since August 2022!). His sign change (into Cancer) taking place later in March will be significant and potentially volatile given all the “other” things happening in later March.

March is a month where we’ll all need to buckle up for all of the ups, downs, and all arounds getting ready to feature in the skies …. and our personal lives! Remember that all planets are still moving forward and we’re in the process of planting the most important developments of our year.

All the extra personal details of my March 2023 forecast can be found in my Member Horoscopes. You’ll find videos, special articles and cosmic monthly wisdom to help guide you through and plan accordingly! Just like there is a lot happening in REAL LIFE, there’s a lot in my membership to explain it ALL!

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