Initial Astrology Reading, Updates & Follow up


Astrology Readings with Crystal B. Help Reveal What Our Planets & Stars Say About Us

Everyone is destined to follow a special path. It’s an exciting process of discovery to hear what it is. Crystal’s Astrology Readings never disappoint in making it all clear. If you’re looking for hope, understanding and an explanation into all of it – then you found the right person to talk to. Crystal is both predictive & therapeutic. She’s been labeled an AstroTherapist” by her clients and many have told her she’s better than a regular therapist.

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Her style uses Astrology to empower people rather than create worry. If you’re looking for some insight into your future and a person to communicate your personal story then look no further.

Connecting With Crystal for Personal Astrology Readings

Our first reading together is what I like to call an Initial Reading. Future updates are available after that – along with other types of Astrology Readings. Please click here to see all the types of readings available.  Expect to hear lots of good info that will help you to understand yourself better.  Throughout the readings, I’ll also give you plenty of insight into your future – but incorporate the past and present too.  The honest truth is that Astrology isn’t just about your future.

Astrology readings with Crystal are a magical combination of your past, present and future.

In order to look into your personal Astrology I will use your birthdate, exact time of birth & location to create your personal astrology chart. This chart or picture is the road map of where the planets were at the exact moment of your birth and the tool I will use to tell you more about yourself and upcoming events.


Example of an Astrology Chart & I’ll Show You Yours During our Session

The planets can be complicated – I’ll be the first to tell anyone that! However, my job is to simplify their message. I have my own ‘special mix’ in the way I look at everyone’s astrology and I’m continually tweaking it for continued accuracy. I put a lot of time and thought into my predictions because I know they mean a lot to people. My hope is to always get somebody excited and interested in what the planets have to say. All of my readings are positive because I use Astrology to help people – not hurt them.

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If you have a specific question or area of focus, please let me know and I’ll definitely work that into the reading. My goal is to always make sure you leave me in a place of contentment and regained hope despite any possible challenges that may lie ahead. Most importantly, I will give you practical tips and suggestions into using all the planetary energies surrounding you to your benefit.

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In Person Astrology Readings

My office is located in Northern NJ (Essex County). If you are in my local area then consider stopping by! We’ll be able to talk all about your Astrology chart in a comfortable place filled with all sorts of Astro goodies. I’ll also be able to illuminate your chart and show you all that it reveals – including specific dates to be aware of.

Phone & Skype Astrology Readings


Scheduling a phone reading is sometimes the best option considering all the different locations you could be calling from! I have clients all over the world and phone readings allow for us to talk all about your Astrology chart. Specific dates will also be discussed and all questions answered.

My sessions are just as effective in person or over the phone or video. It really doesn’t affect the information I want to discuss with you or insight I have to share. To be honest, given the wide range of people I connect with all over the world, the majority of my sessions are not in person.

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