Many people don’t realize the true power of Pisces.

The ocean always comes to mind when I think of the sign of Pisces. Both are deep, powerful forces of nature that hold many similarities. Sitting next to a Pisces will likely stir feelings of calm and peace. We feel at ease in their presence and know they will have an open heart and mind as they listen intently to all that we have to say. It’s quite similar to the emotion that comes over us as we watch and listen to whooshing of the waves of the ocean. A no judgment zone pulls us closer and helps us to reveal things we never thought we’d say.

Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces holds characteristics of all the ones preceding it.

It has the ability to tap into the traits of all the other signs and mold into whoever they need to be. For this reason, they can be incredibly open-minded and relate as well as empathize with anyone—anywhere. They soak in the world around them and genuinely appreciate all they hear. The ability to take many things into account at once comes naturally. Their souls resonate towards helping anyone in need. Caring and compassion are in a Pisces being and it’s a powerful force. Putting others needs before their own is a default setting and programmed in at the moment of birth. A Pisces will always ask about your day first and rarely make mention of theirs. They would gladly give anyone the jacket off their back and never complain about the cold. Similar to the vastness of the great ocean, Pisces holds an unparalleled vision. They can see beyond the scope of the mind’s eye and instinctually know the possibilities are endless if we expand the normal scope of thinking. Coming up with creative ideas and instilling the possibility of the impossible are traits that can always be found.

In relationships, the Pisces capacity to love is one of the rarest nature.

They will always look on the inside first and never fear imperfections that make so many others run for the hills. Inside their hearts, they know what true love is really about and will always go after it—no matter the cost. If we are lucky enough to catch a Pisces’ eye there’s no doubt they will change the way you love forever. While a Pisces will always struggle with intense emotions, they have the ability to push through and rise up again. Their power lies in the ability to find a way to pick themselves back up when they’ve fallen. Just like the waves of the ocean that come crashing down—they will always rise back up again.

It is true that a Pisces feelings and emotions may get the best of them at some point or another.

Whispers of being overly sensitive, too empathetic and unrealistic have all been heard by the powerful fish. However, the truth is that they just can’t help the feelings and thoughts that always come over them. It’s like the ocean pulling them back in—continually—over and over again. If we can imagine the intensity, we might all appreciate just how powerful these sensitive creatures are. A Pisces will do their best over the course of a lifetime to work out the emotional balancing act they’ve been forced to play out. The irony, however, is that it’s their sensitivities that make them the most special. Their deep emotional capacity allows them to be there for us when no one else is.

Give a Pisces a million and one reasons why something is wrong and they will always look at the one reason that’s right.

Their dreams help us to think big and dream about the endless possibilities of what could be. An ocean of emotion and unconditional love surrounds us whenever the Pisces energy is near.

That is how the true power of Pisces comes to life.

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