Scorpio Secrets: Fallen Angels Lifting Up the Dark

Fallen Angel by DarkAngelsMWArtwork

Fallen Angel by DarkAngelsMWArtwork

Scorpio is one of the most important signs of the Zodiac but it holds a lot of secrets.

Discovering more about its inner operation is helpful because we all stand to gain from it – no matter what our personal sign.

When I personally picture Scorpio, I see a fallen angel dancing through the dark. She lights up the night and brings a new understanding to crisis situations. Her depth of perception and ability to be truly honest is apparent to all she encounters.

Deep within her is the most intense power. However, her strength is surrounded with wounds and scars of the past. A battleground of emotion is running through her veins. She understands pain like no other.

Scorpio is the sign that is most in tune with people’s suffering.

It understands the struggle of being trapped without light. Despite the darkness that surrounds it, a Scorpio will always finds a way to pick itself back up and start anew.

While many think of the Scorpion as the sign of Scorpio, the original symbol is really the serpent. A serpent is a large snake and it’s been a very powerful spiritual symbol for ages. The snake is symbolic of renewal and rebirth. It’s a creature that can shed its skin and regrow it – regeneration to the fullest.

Just like the snake, Scorpio sheds its skin at various points because it subconsciously craves the renewal process.

If you ask a Scorpio about their life, they might reveal that it’s categorized into distinct sections. Each chapter begins with them crawling through the muck and being at the bottom. However, the chapter will always end with them finding their way back to the top again. It has the capacity to succeed in anything because of its will power, patience, persistence and insight.

Like a fallen angel, a Scorpio will always make its way out of the darkness and into the light.

The power of renewal and rejuvenation are characteristics inherent to the dark sign. No matter what the situation, a Scorpio will always find a way to rise back up again. They contain within them an emotionally committed energy and its strength is unparalleled. The steady control of this fixed sign can wait for years.  Trying to persuade someone who’s emotionally connected to something is difficult and likely impossible.

When a person’s emotions are part of the mix, it’s rather difficult to tear them away. When a Scorpio wants something – they literally go in heart and soul.

Being a Water sign, along with Pisces and Cancer, it is most connected to the feeling side of life. A Scorpio is compassionate and caring to a tee. It relates to suffering and will sympathize with pain and loneliness. However, unlike Pisces and Cancer, it has a harsher side that will reveal itself if tested. It simply will not stand for weakness because Scorpio believes we all have the power to rise above it.

While most have a hard time seeing their way through the darkness, Scorpio thrives there.

It dares to go where others simply can’t. This is the sign that craves going deep beneath the surface in order to discover the darkest secrets of the world. When we encounter its true nature, we can get rid of the fear involved in sharing our dark side. A true blue Scorpio embraces that part of each of us and isn’t afraid to say it. They know the dirty little truth that so many try to hide. Instinctually they just accept that we all carry a dark side. To them, it’s a normal part of human nature. Trying to hide that from a Scorpio is impossible.

A Scorpio will always find a way to keep their secrets but once engaged – we won’t be able to keep ours. They’ll always find a way to try to probe it out— because hearing about it is rather comfortable to this mysterious sign.

Being superficial never works with them either. Seeing through the façade is rather easy for them. Trying to fool them is impossible. If we truly want to go deep within ourselves, find a Scorpio to help on the quest. They will help you finding answers to the darkest questions because that’s what attracts them most.  Scorpio goes where no one else does because it simply needs to know.

For this reason, people with strong Scorpio in their personal astrology are often found in the health care field including counseling and mental therapy. They will always make the best psychologists. A famous example is Sigmund Freud who was a Scorpio rising.

When it comes to relationships, being involved with a Scorpio (no matter what the duration) will change the way we think about ourselves forever.

The connection we’ll end up having with them makes us more self-aware. It also helps us to look at things more deeply.

Being the sign of intense desire, we might also feel twinges of their control, jealousy and possessiveness from time to time. Scorpio simply cannot help but to possess their lovers. As I said earlier, they are emotionally attached and committed beings. They truly have the strongest ability to understand the people they love at the deepest level.

In truth, Scorpio is an intensely lonely sign that craves an intimate connection. They can be quite mistrusting and discriminating because they see what others don’t. In the end, they’ll only allow a select few into their world.

Of all the signs, I believe that Scorpio is the one most intrigued by Astrology and other systems that help us tune into the undercurrents of why things are happening. Scorpio doesn’t skim the superficial surface of what’s going on. It doesn’t care about the method used to make discoveries either. It’s always going to go after the answers no matter what they reveal.

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