Connections Between Human Anatomy, Astrology & Medicine Have Always Existed

While I’m not a doctor, I’ve had many people through the years ask me about their health via the planets. Sick or not, I have found that lately, more and more people have become quite interested in medical astrology or the connections between body and astrology. This post has been in motion for nearly a year and at long last I am excited to share it with everyone interested in anatomy and astrological connections. 

Up until the 18th century both medicine and astrology were closely connected. It was common practice for a doctor to draw up a person’s astrology chart the moment they got sick. Their planetary picture was a guide used to maneuver crisis and what medicines should be given. The various parts of the body were considered to under the ruler ship of specific signs and planets. A person’s health was always said to be strongly influenced by their Birth Chart. 

Anatomy & the Signs

Each sign of the zodiac has always had a special relationship to a specific area of the body, from Aries (the head) to Pisces (the feet). There is a school of thought that relates illnesses through polarity. Meaning that an Aries may be affected by illnesses that affect the parts of the body ruled by the opposite sign, Libra. They would say that his headaches (Aries) may be directly related to the kidney function (which falls under the Libra influence). 

Anatomy & the Planets

In medieval times it was recognized that each of the planets was connected with a part of the body. Astrologers have long established a special relationship between the glands, organs & functions with the individual planets. Unknown at the time were the 3 outer planets. Usually these planets (Neptune, Uranus & Pluto) are associated with generational influences and have also been linked with specific areas of the body.

“A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call him a physician.”

Hippocrates (born c.460 BC)

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