Scorpio and the Myth of Medusa Go Hand in Hand Once We Start to Look Behind her Head of Snakes

Before I get started with my Medusa tale, I want to share that Scorpio is a sign that truly appreciates what’s underneath the surface. It’s not concerned with what it sees first. This is an energy that likes to pick up the veil and see what’s behind it. Nobody likes to get to the bottom of things more than a Scorpio and I tapped into it in order to discover more about Medusa.

Once I started look a little deeper into one of my favorite mythological characters I was truly enlightened. I discovered that the message of Medusa has nothing at all to do with being a monster. Similar to Scorpio, she’s a transformative symbol and one that transcends the darkness into light.

And this is her tale.

Medusa is one of those characters that has been rather misunderstood.

She is most known for her head full of snakes and piercing eyes that can turn her onlookers to stone. The truth of the matter, however, is that there is so much more to her than her hideous façade. If we can just take a moment to look beyond her not so appealing traits—we’ll discover her divine beauty. Many don’t realize that she’s actually a good luck icon meant to ward off evil. Some of us may actually be carrying a token of her around with us — which I’ll get to a littler later.

Ironically, she’s much more of a good omen than a grotesque monster.

Similar to the sign of Scorpio, Medusa, is not only misunderstood but a symbol of transformation. In order to truly understand her opportunistic side, let me share the  tale which of course has many different versions. A story is a story of course — but this one is really good one to hear when we want to get to the bottom of all those snakes.

Medusa started out, not as a hideous snake laden monster, but rather a beautiful maiden with many admirers.

She turned heads and one day caught the attention of a fellow names Perseus. Things unfortunately turned tragic—as they sometimes do when it comes to deep & lustful attraction. Perseus’ desire for Medusa overcame his control and he raped her in the temple of the Goddess Athena.

Things then continued to turn even uglier. One just can’t mess with a Goddess after all.

Athena (ruler of Venus representing beauty, love & peace) was mortified & enraged by Perseus’ horrendous crime. As a punishment to man’s desirous ways, she cast snakes to replace Medusa’s hair for eternity. Any man to gaze upon her moving forward would be turned to stone.

Side note: Why the Goddess punished the girl and not the boy is another story entirely. It reveals a side to Venus that many people don’t see all that often. (Venus retrogrades bring it out which actually will happen in late 2018 but that story will be continued later on!)

And so Medusa lived on for a very long time hidden —-but seen enough times to cast her legend.

To make a rather long story short, eventually, Perseus decided to track Medusa down and kill her. In the end, he prevailed and in a wild display chopped off her head of snakes. However, what came next was rather surprising. An enchantment or beautiful transformation of sorts began to take place.

Just when we thought things were over they ended up taking a rather opportunistic turn.

Once Medusa’s head was severed, the most beautiful white-winged horse jumped out. The glorious animal created a wild display of the most beautiful type of magic. Legend says that Perseus went on to ride his magical beast, known as the legendary Pegasus, through many dynasties he conquered successfully.

Perseus wild success was said to have come from Medusa’s head that he carried with him all along the way. Her grotesque head of snakes proved to be a powerful good luck omen in all of his battles. Legend says that it was Medusa’s presence that resulted in his successful run.

As time went on, Medusa’s head would continue to be used a powerful good luck omen to ward off evil spirits. She would eventually be engraved into soldier’s breastplates as protection during battle. Her symbolism is still used today – most commonly by the popular Italian designer Versace.

The myth of Medusa is a story of transformation from maiden to monster to magical protector.

And it brings the essence of Scorpio alive like no other. With Jupiter, the sign of abundance & good luck, entering the sign of Scorpio a powerful shift of energy is coming into play. There is a real opportunity on the rise for many of us to get in touch with a transformative type energy. Like Medusa, things things may seem bleak on the outside. But once we start to look beyond our snakes we might be able to notice an opportunity that’s about to take place.

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