Your Jupiter Return And The Start Of A New 12 Year Cycle

by | May 3, 2016 | Jupiter, PREDICTION | 12 comments

Every 12 years or so all of us go through something called a Jupiter Return.

A Jupiter Return happens when the lucky planet Jupiter makes his way back to the same spot he was in when we were born. In astrology, a return of any nature is when a planet returns back to its “home base” in our personal charts. In terms of Jupiter, this happens every 12 years and when it arrives it’s a momentous occasion for most.

Jupiter transits always give me a hope factor because he’s the lucky planet.

Wherever Jupiter goes in our charts, he brings abundance and good fortune. He can also bring out other things because he’s the BIG planet. When he’s operating in our chart he wants us to be seen in bigger ways than usual. For that reason, a person’s Jupiter Return can reveal some other things. New personality traits can come out at the beginning of Jupiter return cycle – since everything is big around that time. Confidence rises. People tend to think, see and act BIG and the world becomes their oyster.

Jupiter is the planet of possibilities.

Everything seems possible during a Jupiter Return. This is a phase in our lives that is definitely something to look forward to. It typically denotes a period where we become rejuvenated in bigger ways than usual. (There’s that BIG theme again!). We tend to become “fresh” and ready to tackle new things. It’s a time where we are ready to see the world with new eyes. Our outlook is positive. We have a real ability to aim high and reach for the stars.

However, there’s another side to my lucky friend that I’d like to share.

For the most part Jupiter does bring good fortune. BUT – when he shows his unruly side, he can blow things up – including our egos and the way we perceive things. Did you ever encounter someone who suddenly turned “egotisical” and started acting a little “too” confident? He or she likely aggravated you because of that uber-confidence. Now – I’m not saying anything is wrong with a little confidence but there are times when people can get a little too inflated if you catch my drift 😉

That expansion or blowing up of one’s confidence is an effect of the challenging side of Jupiter. He is the biggest planet after all – so it makes sense that his energy could affect our egos in this over-confident way.

When will my Jupiter Return happen?

The only way to find out the when is to know where Jupiter was living at the time you were born. This can be done by looking at your personal astrology chart. When he makes his way back to his original place a Jupiter Return takes place. The astrology house that Jupiter lives in as well as the one he rules will be where this new “rejuvenation” will take place. It’s typically the beginning of something new in one of the areas he represents in your personal astrology.

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However it ends up playing out for each of us personally, the fortunate thing to look forward to is the beginning of something new. If you are about to be affected, you can think back to all the things you’ve accomplished over the last 12 years. Was it a good period for you? The answer is typically yes or at the very least it began a new and important development. Thinking about what you’d like to do in your next cycle can be of great benefit.

For everyone embarking upon their Jupiter Return it’s an exciting time. Our engines start to get revved up again and a new found motivation comes over us. It’s a 12 year ride to look forward to but we just have to remember not to throw too much exhaust out of our engines!

Do I have to Wait 12 Years to Get Lucky?

While our Jupiter Returns are exciting to look forward to – they don’t happen all that often. We don’t have to wait a full 12 years to reap the rewards of the lucky planet. Whether we realize it or not, Jupiter is helping all of us right now – somewhere in our lives. Where ever Jupiter is traveling in our personal astrology will give us a sign or hint into where our luck factor currently is. Look to the astrology house that Jupiter is traveling through currently. This will give you some of the key themes that are being benefited.

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