The Jupiter in Sagittarius Chapter is About to Conclude…. But He Promises to Deliver Some Special Opportunities Before the Story Ends

Even though a Mercury Retrograde is bogging down a good part of our November, we can ease the tension by diverting our attention to lucky Jupiter. He is, after all, moments away from making his annual sign change which means the best part of the story has yet to come about.

Miracles … some big and others small … have been in the making all throughout 2019 despite the other planetary intensities. While there have certainly been some major rough patches, many people will walk out of the year with something—thanks to Jupiter’s stretch through his most abundant placement. If you haven’t felt any of the good Jupiter juju yet, there is still time. He’s taking a “save the best for last” approach before he leaves Sagittarius territory—never to return again for another 12 years.

Work Jupiter’s Final Stretch to Your Advantage and turn all your No’s into Yes

There are still lots of opportunities out there—but given the planetary terrain they may be coming in packages that aren’t so obvious. Take Sagittarius visionary approach and imagine the possibilities of all the things that could right … vs. wrong. If there is anytime to give something a shot, it’s now through the end of November. I’ll personally be watching Jupiter as he enters the 27th degree (the Galactic Center) through the 29th (what I refer to as my Magic 29). This period falls between November 19th through Dec 1st. 

Once Mercury goes direct on November 20th, things will speed up in a good way. With an opportunistic Sagittarius New Moon and then Jupiter entering his last degrees something great has the potential to pop up with the right attitude. 

Jupiter leaves the sign of Sagittarius in early December —and enters the totally new playing ground of Capricorn. Practicality will rule the roost at that time. Jupiter operates in Capricorn till December 2020. Learn more about where Jupiter’s been helping you in 2019 and where you stand to gain in his next cycle of 2020.