Creation of a Dame by Elisa Valenti

The World is Changing at a Rapid Pace & There is a Building Pressure to Keep Up With It

Barriers, of all sorts, will need to be broken in order to get to where we need to land next. Things will need to die… including our perception and beliefs in order for the re-birth to happen. The way we see and interact with this new world will ultimately need to change. Some of us are ready for it …. while others want to run for the hills. 

And at the heart of this changing matter will be the sign of Capricorn. 

As many of you know I’m and advocate of art. I can’t draw for the life of me but I thoroughly enjoy interacting with artists and showcasing their work. Astrology, after all, is an art. Being an astrologer I am asked to bring the art or symbolism of the planets to life every day. People want to know what things mean when it comes to the picture of the planetary influences. I, personally, need visuals to help me bring the message alive.

And visuals will come my way each and every day. Several months ago I luckily came across Elisa Valenti (a Capricorn) on Instagram and her collection of amazing art. The “Creation of a Dame” showcased here in this post was one of the first of Elisa’s pieces that I resonated with. It brought a sparkle to my eye—because as an astrologer it showcased some of the most important energies in play.

Elisa’s beautiful piece challenges an idea that has been ingrained in many of our minds from an early age–the notion that “the creator” was male. She flips the switch and instead emphasizes the SHE. In “Creation of a Dame” we see the almighty as a female. Who’s to say it’s not a woman that began it all? On top of that major awareness driver, we see body positive imagery vs. the traditional unrealistic body imagery usually depicted. This is REAL art that breaks through barriers in the most authentic way. It’s CAPRICORN through and through & I love Elisa’s way of painting through dying perceptions and “cultural norms.”

Her mantra is simple: “I AM GOOD ENOUGH” and her art showcases a wide range of beauty in the most ‘lush, honest & decadent” way. Check out her site and see for yourself. She is symbolic of an artist breaking down barriers that need to be broken. The idea of what beautiful is needs to change and Elisa will surely be one of the Capricorn influences to make sure it happens. 

For those of you that don’t know, I too, am very connected to the sign of Capricorn. While my Sun shines in Pisces, the sign of the responsible, perseverant goat climbing up the mountain was rising when I was born. That influence is pushing me to spread my own personal message about astrology—one day at a time. It’s a fight I’ve been fighting long before astrology became popular and one that I will continue to wear proud as I trek up my own personal mountains. 

Getting In Tune With the Capricorn in You

As the months build and we get closer to 2020, it’s important for all of to get in tune with this Capricorn influence. Whether you realize it or not, its influence lives somewhere in all of our astrology.

Capricorn is the sign that will take over the zodiac. In many ways she already has since both Saturn and Pluto have been riding rather close in her sign for a good part of 2019. This is a sign that plans to make her mark —-but we haven’t seen all she’s capable of quite yet. 

And yes I do mean SHE …..

Differentiating the He vs. the She in Astrology

Many people don’t realize that the signs are classified as male or female. I learned this many years ago when I began making predictions about the sex of what my friends’ babies would be while they were pregnant. The sign the Moon is in at the time of conception determines the sex of the baby and it’s a fascinating study. Each sign, Aries through Pisces, represents either male or female energy.

Aries: Male

Taurus: Female

Gemini: Male

Cancer: Female

Leo: Male

Virgo: Female

Libra: Male

Scorpio: Female

Sagittarius: Male

Capricorn: Female

Aquarius: Male

Pisces: Female

Most seem to automatically think that Capricorn, the sign of business, responsibility, & practicality is male. However, I’m here to tell you THAT notiion is far from the truth. Capricorn is indeed FEMALE— and with her building presence it will be the SHE that rules where we go next. 

This is not to discount the power of my male friends — but the fact of the matter is that a female energy is taking over. It’s necessary for the next part of the story. Which leads me to what could the “NEXT” possibly look like?

2020 Forecast Hints

That of course will remain a mystery to be seen until we actually get to 2020. But hints are building now. Many of our lives are in the beginning stages of radical changes and if you’ve been shying away from them, I’m here to tell you take notice. If you don’t look at what’s happening now, then next year is going to hit you like a ton of bricks.

Seriously … just look at this January 2020 Planetary Picture

The Capricorn line up begins in January 2020— as you can see in the picture above. However, by late February 2020, both Jupiter & Mars will join the Capricorn party. The influence will only continue to build through March in particular. 

Now take a look at this March picture….

What does all of this massive amount of Capricorn energy mean? Change my friends – radical change. Structures, barriers, ideas, perceptions, beliefs and everything in between is all susceptible to C.H.A.N.G.E. Things will NEED to fall—but even better things will be looking to rise. Inventions and discoveries are in the making and it’s going to be fascinating to see what will actually manifest.

Here’s the Major Players in the 2020 Capricorn Line Up

Saturn & Pluto Conjunction

It’s a radical planetary alignment to see the planet of structure collide with the planet of death & transformation. Death needs to take place so that a new kind of life is reborn. The last time Saturn & Pluto collided was in August 1947 in the sign of Leo. Interestingly enough, the Roswell UFO incident took place in July 1947. Could one of the radical breakthroughs be more discoveries or realities about UFOs? I say it’s quite possible– in addition to other major inventions and radical breakthroughs for mankind. Space exploration has been happening for a while but I bet things are going to be taken to a whole new level as we trek ahead. 

All those born in the late 1980’s early 90’s in particular (another key time when there was a TON of Capricorn influence) will be helping us pave the way. Millennials have gotten a a bad rep in the past for their sensitive nature—but in all honesty they will be the ones leading our future. Their ideas and vision need to be respected. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is one millennial in particular that comes to mind …. but there are so many more including Elisa Valenti who’s work inspired me to write this very article. 

Jupiter in Capricorn

The planet of luck & expansion changes signs once a year. In 2020, he’ll land back in Capricorn— a sign he hasn’t seen since 2008. Jupiter’s best look isn’t in Capricorn. A BIG INFLUENCE (Jupiter) doesn’t like to be so CONFINED & RESTRICTED (Saturn) by anyone. But that’s what’s going to happen. The economy took a great nose dive the last time Jupiter wore his Capricorn clothes. Given that patterns tend to repeat it’s likely going to happen again.

Of course we can’t blame Jupiter exclusively for that recession. Pluto changed signs at that time, something that happens only every 20 years. He moved from optimistic Sagittarius into reality bites Capricorn creating a whole new twist in the reality of that time period. Pluto’s been operating in Capricorn ever since, helping to extinguish failed systems and re-create more solid structures. The journey will continue on! When Jupiter and Pluto collide once again, we can expect the same — it’s just that this time Saturn will also join them.

What Does This Mean For You?

Get in tune with where the Capricorn influence falls in your astrology. I’ll be writing more about the personal effects on each of the signs as we go along (hint factors can be found here). For the moment, think about some of your long term goals. We are approaching a radical time — one where we have a great potential to break through important barriers. Long term plans should include something that you’re looking to invest some time and care into. Ultimately, though, some things are going to need to go. Pay attention to what’s “dying” in your life. At the same time look for the little glimmers of what’s trying to build.

No matter what, we are ALL going to be part of the C.H.A.N.G.E. EVERY SIGN has the potential to make an impact. We’re all in this together and no one person is going to create this new world. Take a look at a recap of one of my SOCIAL JUSTICE through ASTROLOGY workshops to see how your sign is going to play part into where we go next!

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