Welcome to Eclipse Season: November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini November 30 2020

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Lunar Art by Jen’s Fine Art

Eclipse Season Begins with the November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Multi-Faceted Gemini 

It’s time to start closing out this intense year of roller coaster twists and turns with a powerful Eclipse Season showcasing the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius! On November 30, the first of a two part eclipse story arrives. A lunar eclipse in Gemini sets the stage and likely gets us talking—in more ways than one. 

The dual nature of Gemini, where the Moon will be shining bright, will showcase a two-sided story. Gemini is known for delivering information–the more the better. As a result, news will be coming on STRONG.

This November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse delivers a new twist in our ever changing stories.

It’s going to be up to us to integrate the yin and the yang in order to discover what the Moon is trying to tell us. Eclipses are known for delivering new details and shining an important light on things not taken so seriously in the past. With new information coming into play, an important crossroads comes into our path once again.

Full Moon Eclipses are also about closure, endings or taking things to a new level.

Decisions will need to be made about whether to take a particular exit or continue on the same path. If we exit, then a closure point happens and we begin to embark on something new. However if we continue on, then we’re faced to deal with the situation in new kind of way. It’ll be a complicated decision, given the high mutability emphasis. (Side note: Gemini + Sagittarius are mutable signs and can sway direction easily. Someone’s mind may change radically here.)

Eventually everything changes. It needs to in order to keep the universe spinning. Even if the “thing” itself doesn’t change—the way we see or deal with it does.

The Sagittarius side of the story would say that we’re going to choose a path of discovery either way. His voice will need to be heard with the Sun shining strong in his sign. This influence might begin pushing our adventurous side and whispering it’s time to go BIG. Sagittarius always likes to seek out new adventures, seek out the truth and spread it to the masses. No matter how daunting the task, he’s always up for a quest and feels a thrill in navigating through the unknown. The Sun in Sagittarius will be saying, “Go after it!”

But the dual nature of the Gemini Moon will be looking for more information to analyze. Gemini is fidgety, curious and surprising. It’s also known for making decisions that are unexpected.

Gemini can also be tricky!

Closure, turning points and new information—are the three biggest key words I see coming out at this time. This November Full Moon Lunar Eclipse could be a signal into where we’re going to take this building need to switch things up next. Be aware of what your mind (Gemini) is saying, as well as that inner voice that believes in the possibilities (Sagittarius).

That’s one of the things I like most about a full moon—the awareness factor that always gets delivered.  It’s like a light bulb getting turned on – click! One day we have no idea and the next it’s so clear we can’t believe we didn’t see it before. But in this picture things are looking to get MIXED up. We might find ourselves, as well as the people around us, making some bold moves as a result. Make sure to look before you leap as you head into this Eclipse Season!

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