I wanted to paint a little bit of a different picture of the inner workings of the complicated sign of Virgo.

Virgo truly is one of the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. Many are quick to refer to Virgo as critical and perfectionistic but few truly understand their mode of operation.  In true Virgo style, this is the perfect time to set the record straight.

First and foremost, Virgo is not critical.

The honest truth is that they criticize themselves a lot harder than anybody else. Discerning and analytical are the traits that are deeply embedded in them. Give a Virgo a bucket of chaos and they will always find the best possible way to bring order back onto the scene. Never discount their suggestion. If we do, we’ll end up saying, “I should have just listened in the first place.” If there’s a crisis of any nature having a Virgo near is the best way to get through. I love how they can step back, look at any situation so precisely and know exactly what needs to be done to move it along. They will take out their handy spreadsheet (likely in Excel their favorite program) and whip up a list which can make anything unorderly look orderly again. In their world, life wouldn’t be complete without a list. If we were to ever glance over at a Virgo list, we’d be amazed at just how much they plan to accomplish.

If we ask them about something they are unsure about, they will not hesitate to get a book to find the correct answer.

Books and references are embraced in their world as well as instructions on how to complete something.  They never hesitate asking for the instructions because quite frankly this is the sign that goes into a tizzy without them. Virgo knows instructions are there for a reason – to be read and used. Too many of us discount them, trying to tackle complex tasks without the handy set of steps to follow. “I don’t need those…” is what too many of us tend to say. A Virgo won’t do that. They know how important it is to follow the step by step sequence of things.  Everything has its proper order and it’s essential for a Virgo to follow that methodology.  In their minds, it doesn’t work any other way.

In working environments, it’s proven over and over again how every organization needs a Virgo to help get things done.

They are likely one of best workers of the zodiac. Hard work is a big part of their psyche and finding time to relax is quite difficult for them.  Something else always needs to be done to make it better are the kind of thoughts that constantly ring through their minds. They can be plagued by finding the right solution. That’s the element of perfection that can get the best of them sometimes. It is well known that Virgos tend to be on the quiet side, but that shouldn’t fool us. Thoughts are always streaming through their minds. They can’t help it. Their analytical wheels are always churning and it’s difficult to turn them off.

Given their active minds they are prone to worry.

They’ll rarely complain about circumstances but thoughts about how they might fix certain situations will always creep in. When they eventually have something to say, it’s important to listen closely because their words could change everything. They enjoy helping others and want nothing more than to please those around them. Like a trusting counselor, they are always in the background ready with the perfect solution. What Virgo truly enjoys most is being needed – not being in the limelight. A true Virgo is quite shy and does much better behind the scenes. What most don’t realize is that the people operating in the background are sometimes the most important. Another misunderstanding is their ability to be so neat. I’ll be the first to jump up and say I know plenty of Virgos who are messy! Very messy. Of course there are the stereotypically Virgos who personify perfection in everything they do—but in all honesty it’s not the majority. A lot of them are surrounded by a mess, but don’t be fooled. They always know precisely where everything can be found and where they left it last. Mess with their system and feel their scorn. When it comes to relationships, Virgo doesn’t want to be everyone’s friend or have a ton of lovers. They can be picky and only want to connect to a certain few. Superficial doesn’t apply to this discerning sign.  Practicality is the essential ingredient in their cook book and they take their time in making relationship decisions. A pretty face won’t or grandiose promises won’t sway them into swooning head over heels.

If you’re trying to grab a Virgo’s attention – keep in simple.

Bigger is not better. The little things matter most in their world.  They aren’t looking for grand frilly signs of devotion. Sweet, meaningful and genuine are all they need to let those of us that really care in a little closer. If we’re smart and patient enough to wait for a Virgo, they’ll notice the effort. In the end, they’ll know all of our flaws and love us anyway.

When they truly love – they give all they have.

In love matters, Virgo isn’t looking for a prince charming or fairytale princess. Magical endings are for dreamers— not the practically natured Virgo. They’re looking for real, long lasting devotion and communication.  These are the magical ingredients in a Virgo’s world. If we neglect these essential and letting them share their thoughts about their busy days – we will quickly find their interest in us wanes. At the end of the day, Virgos truly are our hidden angels and trusted counselors. They are the ones that will work behind the curtains to save the day and find the solutions that truly work. Hidden or not, we need them around us to make life a little less complicated and guide us into making the right decisions. The world is better with our Virgos on the scene. Things just wouldn’t get done without them. Give them an ounce of appreciation and see it come back tenfold.


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