A New Beginning is in Motion but a High Energy Comes Along for the Ride

Find out more info about the FEBRUARY NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IN PISCES. It will be the last of a series of eclipses taking place in Pisces that began in 2015. In this way, we will have an ending and beginning all wrapped together.

Video Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

This solar eclipse in Pisces is special for a number of reasons. It’s the end of the February eclipse season. It’s part of a series of eclipses that have been happening for years in the sign of Pisces (since 2015). And energy is high during this eclipse, there are a number of Pisces combinations occurring during this eclipse; the sun, the moon, Neptune, South Node, Chiron, and Mercury in Pisces.

The positive aspects of the sign of Pisces is creativity and looking at the good in life. The drawbacks of Pisces is that it’s un-grounded and can be very emotional. We all have some aspect of Pisces in our chart and will be connecting to the feel of Pisces during this particular eclipse. The eclipse energy will start building several days before the 26th. You might become more sensitive, more emotional. You might want to do something wild and crazy… Mars the action planet will be touching Uranus the planet of awakenings and this energy is going to be on fire.

My advise during this high energy eclipse is to BE AWARE of what is happening, pause and perhaps take cautious steps.

Hope you enjoyed this video!

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