The Venus Retrograde Tale Begins

It’s time for a good story and unraveling of a few dark and haunted encounters. The warning is that the story will get bad, then worse before it gets better again. With that being said, there’s a lot to be had at the other side and it’s worth the wait….especially if you appreciate love … connectivity….and your worth & value.

Venus is the planet that loves LOVE of all sorts ….she craves it along with connectivity. She doesn’t want to venture out alone. She wants a partner and someone to talk to, dance with and ultimately share experiences with. She also wants to be appreciated, compensated for her efforts and have someone call her out on all she’s doing right. All of these connections that we have with others relate back to Venus in some way shape or form.

Our most important connections and ones embedded in our heart and soul will be the ones surfacing during the Venus Retrograde

The past is almost always included in this tale. Lovers scorned or lost tend to show back up for resolution or further heart brake. We’re the ones always in charge of where we take things but it’s hard when the heart pulls us back into the past of what once was. When Venus goes retrograde she likes to taunt and test relationship waters, in addition to what we value and crave. She’s light but during this process she goes very dark— to the point of being a rather dirty girl. I say this with love—but also a good amount of caution.

People are driven to do things that they come to regret after her dirty period is over. One example involves cheating of all sorts, in both love and business relationships, which tend to come about quite frequently during this time. I’ve seen it happen countless times, over and over again during Venus Retrograde. People like to see if the grass is really greener on the other side. Temptations and desire of all kinds run very strong.

No matter what the particulars end up being, all relationships need to evolve. In order for that to happen they have to be put to the Venus test. An important story will unravel throughout these karmic 40 days which is important to be aware of. What’s most crucial to keep in mind is it’s not a good idea to make big decisions regarding love, money and partnerships until the cycle is over. The full story of what Venus needs to reveal won’t be uncovered till the end and an important twist always comes at the end.

Venus Retrograde is an out of the ordinary time

It’s a karmic cycle when things align in just the right way to tempt fate and tip the scales to the point of no return. Wild love affairs of passion come alive …. and then die as we go through a period of meeting people we are karmically connected to. Be in tune with people coming into your path. Chances are you likely have known them before … in this life or perhaps another one. Find out more about my work with past life regression here.

Things we never thought possible can come to pass. But with all magical enchantments there is usually a price to be paid.

Whenever we are forced to revisit the past we’re thrown back onto the karmic wheel which is precisely what Venus retrogrades represent. The question to ask is what way will you let the wheel spin? Remember that you’re in charge of your reactions no matter what the universe delivers. Soul growth and karma are directly attached to one another but they tend to take an emotional toll. Decisions may need to be made on whether to go back and make things better or put a finale on things once and for all. Whatever the case, an opportunity presents itself to make peace or further turmoil with the past.

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