Venus Retrograde Ends: June 24-25 2020

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​Venus Retrograde Ends as the Planet of Love Begins her Station Direct in Gemini

Venus, the planet of love, is now preparing to move direct and end her long, painful & eye opening retrograde (that began on May 9). Relationships (those with ourselves & others) will now get a breather and momentum to move ahead in powerful ways. Love and partnership energy is VERY STRONG and lasting. Be in tune with who you are connecting with between June 24-25. Commitment to your connection will be long lasting. Any new collaborations, partnerships or revamps on current relationships will have a very special Venus stamp on them. Venus is reminding us that love wins as she emerges into a new light and begins a brand new 8 year cycle.

Venus retrograde is officially OVER and the message is loud and clear Love Wins

Everything we do is free will but as Venus moves ahead she is asking us to choose to set aside judgment, anger, criticism and hatred as we rebirth ourselves into a totally new cycle of connection. Venus is reborn in the multifaceted sign of Gemini a powerful marker of all of the many sides to love … including the love with have for ourselves, as well as others. This is a powerful moment to integrate all of our many facets and recreate our story.

Questions involving relationship issues and other Venus related themes (money, health, beauty, what makes us happy) will now start getting answered. We are approaching a time where all the things we’ve discovered can begin coming together. Ever since Venus’ retrograde period began on May 9, many of us have been caught up in relationship-centric themes. Some have gone through intense break-ups, fallen crazy in love, danced with intense emotions and gotten caught in a tangled in a web of confusion. Many of us went through a major reassessment phase.

Our patience may have been tested and heart strings pulled upon. Venus took some of us to hell and back all in the light of finding new awareness —whether we wanted to see it or not.

Venus only goes through her retrograde period every 18 months or so. When she enters this phase, she demands that we go through some reassessment in her related themes – particularly relationships, money, health and things that we value.

People that you love may now be seen in a different light. They might be looking better than you thought at this point – or perhaps they are looking worse. Career and money matters could also have gone through some major reassessment on your part.  Maybe you’re deciding to push forward in your goals and now have an added drive. Or maybe you’ve decided to move on and seek out new goals because you’ve discovered that the old ones aren’t serving you anymore.

A positive shift is finally comes into play as Venus Retrograde ends.

Just be aware that challenges are still surrounding us as we move ahead. We’re in the final stages of Eclipse Season and Mercury is retrograde till July 12.—Additional reassessments and important events are still in motion. Venus will be operating in the multi-faceted sign of Gemini till August, signaling that a full integration of all we’ve learned may take another month of so to fully synthesize.