Get Ready for the Most Karmic, Dark & Mysterious Retrograde of them All—Venus Retrograde 2018.

I’ll be honest and share that I’ve been thinking about this 2018 Venus Retrograde period for quite some time now. She’s been flying around my mind, sort of like the Wicked Witch of the Zodiac because of her dark nature. Maybe that’s because Halloween takes place right alongside her cackling moves— or perhaps it’s because the planet Venus turns rather wicked during this dark period.That has to be the case because the sign of Scorpio is involved.

Scorpio, witches, vampires and anything dark really go hand in hand. All my Scorpios reading this will appreciate the notion too — they just can’t help but resonate with all the dark characters of the story. Quite frankly, I do too. Things can get so much more interesting when they come out.

If you like a good witch story and unraveling a dark & haunted fairy tale then read on. If not, I’d still dive in but with a warning that the story will get bad, then worse before it gets better again. With that said, I promise to share a fairy tale ending of a certain sort by the time we’re through.

I think it’s fair to say that we’re all probably sick of all the 2018 retrogrades and not ready to hear about yet ANOTHER ONE. But I’ve got to tell you that this one is likely the most important of them all.

My reason for saying that is because Venus is the planet that loves love of all sorts ….she craves it along with connectivity. She doesn’t want to venture out alone. She wants a partner and someone to talk to, dance with and ultimately share experiences with. She also wants to be appreciated, compensated for her efforts and have someone call her out on all she’s doing right. All of these connections that we have with others relate back to Venus in some way shape or form.

Our most important connections and ones embedded in our heart and soul will be the ones that tend to surface during the Venus Retrograde.

The past is almost always included in this. Lovers scorned or lost tend to show back up for resolution or further heart brake. We’re the ones always in charge of where we take things but it’s hard when the heart pulls us back into the past of what once was. When Venus goes retrograde she likes to taunt and test relationship waters, in addition to what we value and crave. She’s light but during this process she goes very dark— to the point of being a rather dirty girl. I say this with love—but also a good amount of caution.

People are driven to do things that they come to regret after her dirty period is over. One example involves cheating of all sorts, in both love and business relationships, which tend to come about quite frequently during this time. I’ve seen it happen countless times, over and over again during Venus Retrogrades. People like to see if the grass is really greener on the other side. Temptations and desire of all kinds run very strong.

No matter what the particulars end up being, all relationships need to evolve. In order for that to happen they have to be put to the Venus test. An important story will unravel throughout these karmic 40 days which is important to be aware of. What’s most crucial to keep in mind is it’s not a good idea to make big decisions regarding love, money and partnerships until the cycle is over. The full story of what Venus needs to reveal won’t be uncovered till then and this one comes with an important twist at the end.

Venus Retrograde is an out of the ordinary time and spells of all sort have the potential to be cast.

It’s a karmic cycle when things align in just the right way to tempt fate and tip the scales to the point of no return. Wild love affairs of passion live and then die as we go through a period of meeting people we are karmically connected to. So be in tune with people coming into your path. Chances are you likely have known them before … in this life or perhaps another one. Find out more about my work with past life regression here.

Things we never thought possible can come to pass. But with all magical enchantments there is usually a price attached.

Whenever we are forced to revisit the past we’re thrown back onto the karmic wheel which is precisely what Venus retrogrades represent. The question to ask is what way will you let the wheel spin? Remember that you’re in charge of your reactions no matter what the universe delivers. Soul growth and karma are directly attached to one another but they tend to take an emotional toll. Decisions may need to be made on whether to go back and make things better or put a finale on things once and for all. Whatever the case, an opportunity presents itself to make peace or further turmoil with the past.

Venus Retrograde Cycles of the Past

The last Venus Retrograde was during the period of March- April 2017. However, this particular Venus Retrograde, through Scorpio and Libra, goes all the way back to 2010. Since Venus cycles run every 8 years, we can look back to the period between October 8th – November 19th, 2010 (13º Scorpio to 27º Libra) and think about what important happenings were in play. Venus will be retrograding through nearly the EXACT same degrees! Talk about repeating patterns.

I, personally, remember that time well because my son was born in November of 2010 – which brings me to another important point. Anyone born with Venus retrograde will tend to do quite well during this period. It’s like they can understand this side of her better than anyone else can. It’s true that they can too—since they live with her dark side every day and have learned to grown comfortable with her.

Venus Retrograde 2018 will be in effect from October 5 to November 16, 2018 (10º Scorpio to 25º Libra)

During this time, Venus herself goes through a very transformational period which is actually visible in the sky. Over the course of 40 days she’ll move through an important period of “cocooning” to ultimately be reborn as a beautiful butterfly. While the story begins with her shining brightly as the evening star, her light will grow dimmer with each day that passes. Some of us might actually feel like this as we go along. The deeper in we go—the more potential for karmic connections to reveal themselves. Her initial phase lasts for the first 20 days and will help us get in touch with all the things we really love and care about.

The next part of the Venus Retrograde 2018 story is when things go rather dark and I mean that literally.

This is when we really get to see the Wicked Witch of the Zodiac’s evil ways. On October 26th (the exact MID POINT of the cycle and when Venus and the Sun touch) she will begin her darkest stage (lasting approximately 2 weeks). This is when she literally becomes invisible in the night sky. It is her period in the BLACK and ultimate DARK. The Wicked Witch of the West gets reincarnated and ironically it will happen right alongside Halloween at the end of October. People will ultimately become rather dark and test the limits. It might be a good idea to think about who you will be trick or treating with this Halloween!

Each day that passes, thereafter, will grow her light little by little—-until finally she is reborn as the morning star on November 16th.

At this time, a new beginning will take flight for each of us somewhere in our lives. Finding the place where Venus is reborn will help us discover it. Interestingly enough, Venus will be reborn in one of her home signs of Libra—a place she feels quite comfortable in. While she started off in the dark waters of Scorpio she eventually turns into the ultimate form of love and harmony being reborn in Libra (the sign of peace). This is the fairy tale ending I revealed in the beginning and one that some of us really truly come to appreciate. True love and possibility of the rarest form have the potential to bloom at this stage.

But there is one more caveat to the story that must be revealed …

At the moment that Venus goes direct, Mercury will turn retrograde (13º Sagittarius) creating a push to go back into the past once again. Something that wasn’t working THEN now has the potential to start over now in a completely different kind of way. While most of us have come to scream when we hear Mercury Retrograde – perhaps this one will be more a welcome calling. Just when we think something is over and all hope is lost the universe indeed has a funny way of finding a way to bring it alive once again.

Some other important notes to keep in mind are that relationships aren’t the only thing that gets tested during the Venus Retrograde.

Money tension can surface and our value system comes under scrutiny.

Debts and taxes could also come up as hot topics during this period. Reason being is that Venus begins her travels through Scorpio, the sign of taxes and debt. Some of us may end up reassessing our worth and whether or not we’re getting properly compensated for all that we do. An important balancing act comes into play regarding what we really want and what we have. Wants vs. Needs. Remember that tempestuous side will be in play, so be careful of making expensive purchases. We might change our minds on whether or not we really need such a high ticket item once Venus goes direct.

Matters of beauty and anything involving our look will also come under scrutiny.

Reassessment about how we look and personify beauty also like to surface during Venus retrograde. Thoughts about getting a new look or doing something different with ourselves – façade wise – ramp up. The energy at hand can help us take steps to restore confidence in our self-image department.

Astrologically, I’d recommend waiting till after Dec 18th (when Venus leaves her shadow zone), to do anything drastic (botox, plastic surgery, expensive treatments, etc). Beautifying results can fall short of expectations while the planet of beauty moves back.

Venus also has connections to our health.

Her retrograde period is a good time to look at whether or not you’re taking care of yourself in the way you should. Maybe we’ve been caught up in helping others and started to neglect ourselves. This upcoming period is going to be a great time to focus on your health.

No matter what our particular situations end up being, each Venus Retrograde asks each of us some very important questions

“What is most important?”

“What means most?”

“Am I being valued in the way I want?”

Venus retrograde is a time where an important story of the heart is told. The story that helps us answer what matters most. She pushes us to find the answers in our own lives. Important discoveries need to be made and we can expect some heart strings to be pulled through the process. Relationships and anything of value to us will begin to be seen for what they really are.

The Venus Retrograde period does have benefits that all good witches will appreciate.

It’s an opportune time to find new ways to bring beauty back into our lives as well as our surroundings. This is especially the case with the transformational sign of Scorpio in play. We all have a chance to take something old and breathe some new life into it. A push to literally look around and see what truly makes us happy surfaces. Adding new beauty elements (such as art or new decorative features) in our homes is something some of us could be prompted to do.

Despite the turmoil, relationships can be strengthened and the potential to get to the heart of the matter really surfaces. Closure with old lovers of the past could finally come about. This type of resolution is crucial in order to move forward and open ourselves up to the potential of encountering something new.

When it comes to the potential of new love, something very special happens the moment Venus begins to turn direct.

Finding true love and getting in touch with what we really want becomes possible at this point. The key to Venus Retrograde is getting in touch with ourselves first and then being open to all those wonderful possibilities.Just remember what I said a few paragraphs back — the past is likely connected to whatever we find at the end of the yellow brick road.

Keep in mind that it is OK to feel less social as we move through this period. I was just talking to a good friend about the wicked retrograde and we agreed it’s better to tuck away into our caves for a bit. I encourage you to do the same. This is a time to go inward and see who’s there for us and who isn’t. The truth of the matter is that karma is calling—because it needs to. Some of us are not seeing things in the way we need to and the universe is stepping in to even out the scales. Which it certainly will because at the end of it Venus will be reborn in the sign that loves balance most—Libra.

Get ready to meet up with the Wicked Witch of the Zodiac and become entranced by all that she has to reveal during this out of the ordinary time.

It’s a mystical, magical and important period that doesn’t come around all that often. Just be careful of falling too deeply under the spell because eventually it will wear off and reality comes back into play. I have no doubt that many of us will feel much differently about certain relationships and ourselves by the end of it. The karmic wheel is about to start turning. Take advantage of the awareness and look forward to some important turning points as we see our way through the karmic maze. It’ll ultimately be up to each us on deciding on whether to play naughty or nice with the ultimate witch herself.

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