What’s Your Element of Love?

As we Embrace Valentine’s Day, it’s important to keep some of our astrological constants in mind. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, knowing a little more about how your elements align can be incredibly insightful when considering what you really want out of a partnership.

Get to know your ELEMENT of love. All 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into 4 elements: fire + earth + air + water. Each of them operates very differently in matters of connection , romance and ever lasting love. I consider the personal planets when analyzing the elements, not just the Sun. More often the Moon holds the greatest importance but look at your: Mercury + Venus + Mars and Ascendant.

Below you can see what your element is after when it comes to matters of the heart ❤️

Fire: The Enthusiasts and Adventure Seekers, Aries + Leo + Sagittarius

Earth: The Cautious and Practical Ones, Taurus + Virgo + Capricorn

Air: The Curious Information Seekers, Gemini + Libra + Aquarius

Water: The Empaths, Feelers and Caretakers, Cancer + Scorpio + Pisces

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