GirlsThings are moving along slowly lately. I totally get it.

This is what happens when you have five planets retrograde. But there’s a little planetary motivation coming up that might help things move along a little quicker. We’ve got a May Super New Moon to look forward to.

On May 6th at approximately 3:30 pm EST/12:30 PST the last Super New Moon of the year will take place in the sign of Taurus  (16°). This is 2016’s 3rd Super New Moon in a row and will be the last one of 2016. Three Super Full Moons will take place at the end of the year. The dates and signs can be found in my 2016 Full Moon Guide.

The May Super New Moon will be creating an abundance of good energy.

It’s true. This super charged moon energy fest will deliver one of the biggest highlights of the week —and perhaps the month. Yes, I know that people are a little testy lately and this may not seem possible. The little things are aggravating us more thanks to Mars going retrograde. Energy is pent up right now with our action planet not being able to take action.

But with that being said, this Super New Moon will deliver some very nice and stable planetary combinations.  Opportunity is there and it will continue to get a little stronger into next week with the lucky Jupiter’s turn direct.

This Super New Moon will also be a Cazimi Moon which makes it even more auspicious or filled with good luck. This is a good time to make fresh intentions or redo something that didn’t go quite right way back when. Remember we are in a Mercury retrograde.

 If you’re looking for some action then you don’t want to miss the personal details surrounding this one. Member scopes reveals all the details surrounding this Super New Moon, lucky Jupiter and what to watch out for given that this is Mercury Retrograde season! 

Here’s Quick Access to the May Member Scopes for Specific Details for your Sign:



And on a final note, here’s Omi’s Cheerleader which I love to listen to when I need a little motivation:

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