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It’s time for a 2-for-1 Mercury Retrograde Special

A dual-natured Mercury retrograde begins on April 9th and lasts until May 3rd, 2017. Since two signs are being affected by Mercury’s messy ways we can expect two energies to come into play. Taurus & Aries (two very different signs) will be the stars of 2017’s Mercury Retrograde #2.

The key to this 2 for 1 retrograde is finding a way to put a solid foundation(Taurus) into all our initiations (Aries).

The most important thing to remember with any Mercury retrograde is to not to make any major decisions till May 3rd, when Mercury begins moving forward again. What we CAN DO in order to use this period to our advantage is:  reassess and review the past in order to improve upon the new goals we will make.

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Implementing new things usually doesn’t work well during this period. Anything that begins here is under a “changing” effect and will likely be altered in some way as time goes on.

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What will work to our advantage is redoing things or re-looking at the way things are operating. Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time to make changes and rework things in a positive way. It’s also a perfect time to mix things up and try to do things a little differently. As I’ve mentioned many times already, the energies of 2017 are all about doing things in a new kind of way.

Mercury retrogrades are the perfect opportunity to rework what we’re doing and test the waters into trying something new. Maybe we’ll like it and maybe we won’t. BUT you’ll never know unless you try!

Rewind + Rework + Redo = Using Mercury Retrograde to our Advantage

Even though Taurus is a sign that enjoys all things sweet, it can be particularly beneficial in seeing through all the “fluff.” It likes the hard facts straight up – save all the rest for someone else. If you’ve been sugar-coating a situation, this is a retrograde that could help you encounter the real deal.

While the Mercury Retrograde process in general, can sometimes be frustrating, it’s a good thing to be pushed into a zone where important observations can be made. This can ultimately lead us into making better decisions and improve upon the past.

Given that there are two signs in play, I like to think about this retrograde in two phases

Phase 1: Mercury Rx in Taurus (April 9th – April 19th)

The sign of Taurus will begin the retrograde cycle. This is where we’ll need to slow down and see things for what they really are. It’s time to tell it like it really is and reassess how to make it better.

Phase 2: Mercury Rx in Aries (April 20th – May 3rd)

This is the point where initiation comes into play. We might come to realize that things we started under the March Aries New Moon (March 27, 2017) might need a little fine-tuning at this point. That New Moon was when Mercury entered his Shadow period. Back then we were likely quite eager to jump in feet first (Aries). Whereas at this stage we are seeing more of the practical side to the story (thanks to Taurus).

It’s ultimately going to be up to us to find a way to create the solid foundation (Taurus) that all our initiations (Aries) really need. Our results will become visible by the end of the retrograde (May 3rd, 2017) and most prominent by the end of May (May 20th, 2017). This will be the point where Mercury leaves the Shadow Zone completely.

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