A BIG Move Takes Place on August 11th with Jupiter Direct in Sagittarius 

The planet of luck + opportunity + abundance is finally about to turn things around. After a long 4 month retrograde period, Mr. BIG is finally ready to take things up a notch. The scene is getting set for a totally new playing ground and Jupiter plans to be the biggest influence of them all.

Jupiter’s station isn’t just a good thing—it’s a great one.

Jupiter is currently operating in his best sign—Sagittarius. Given that he travels through this fantastic terrain only once every 12 years we’ve got to make the best of it! From his station direct till December 2019 we’ll get to experience Jupiter’s last stretch through the luckiest sign of them all. If you’re looking for a miracle, something special or a good dose of planetary juju this might just be your ticket. 

Move it forward.

Over the last several months, all too many of us have been trying to work out the kinks, put the puzzle pieces together and get our show on the road. But the delays have been great. Jupiter’s station direct is going to be exactly what’s needed to get things moving once again. Given Jupiter’s size, he can’t make his annual turn and not be seen and heard. Not to mention, he’ll have both Venus and the Sun helping him sweeten his forward motion deal. Venus will be just hours away from a special play date (aka: conjunction) with the Sun in creative BIG LOVE Leo. This is so good, you might want to bottle it up and save some for later…

Watch for Sagittarius themes (travel, foreigners, learning, teaching, education, spirituality/religion, etc) cropping up. On a personal note, notice what’s being emphasized—or expanded upon in your life. 

Uranus, the planet that likes things shaken not stirred, plans to make a statement of his own at the exact same time.

Once a year, the wild and chaotic Uranus turns retrograde. It’s rather interesting that he decides to do it on the same day that Jupiter makes his turn forward. Go figure! But listen up … this will be a day to expect the unexpected. One thing may go your way while another may try to divert you. Uranus’ stations (both direct & retrograde) are notorious for keeping us on our toes. Someone’s going to want to break out …. break free or mess with the conventional. With Uranus operating in Taurus we could see themes of the bull (money, safety, weather patterns, food, etc.) wanting to steal our attention 

So in the end it’s going to be the Sagittarius horse shooting for the stars and the Taurean bull trying to keep us on our toes. No matter how it plays out, most of us will notice this will be an important day. Watch for energy starting to stir up a day or two prior. Mercury will also be leaving Cancer for good and heading into much better communication terrain (Leo). Things are indeed shifting and at long last moving forward …despite any surprises from the bull!

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