Pisces is the sign that is mystical, magical and a little mysterious all at the same time.

If you’re unsure if you fit the Pisces criteria – here’s a low down of all the wonderful traits that help to make Pisces the enigma that they magically are.

This is how to tell if you’re a Pisces—but please keep in mind that a true blue mermaid is a very rare find.

If you can answer “yes” to more than 7, than it’s safe to say you’re a mermaid.

  1. No matter what the situation, you always have tons of “feelings” running through your veins.

    A Pisces emotions are always in flux – no matter what the situation. Similar to the ocean, the currents running through them are stronger than the fiercest waves.

  2. You’re the first to reach out a helping hand or run to someone’s side in need.

    It’s in the Pisces instinctual nature to help others. They often will but others needs before there own because they genuinely feel other’s suffering.

  3. You have a hidden creative side that you don’t always reveal to everyone.

    Some of the most creative and brilliant people are born under the sign of Pisces. Albert Einstein and Michael Angelo are a few of the famous names of the past. Rhianna, Becky G. and Victoria Justice are some modern day ones. 

  4. You like to escape the world — even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

    Sometimes the world can just be a little too overwhelming. A true Pisces will always seek out some sort of escape … whether it be in their mind or needing time alone. 

  5. You believe in fairy tales endings – even after others tell you they don’t exist.

    Pisces can be the quintessential dreamer—always looking through the looking glass imagining all the possibilities of what could be. Cinderella was likely a Pisces. 

  6. You love the ocean and feel at peace immersed in water of any kind.

    Water is a calming element for Pisces. They love to be in it as well as listen to it flow. Interestingly enough Pisces usually are very deterred by loud noises as they prefer sounds to be muffled as they would be in the water. They are sensitive to sound. 

  7. Your favorite question is “How does that make you feel?”

    Pisces is a water sign which makes emotions ever so important to its existence. The first thought that will always come to a Pisces mind, in any situation, is the feeling side to the story. Pisces will always be a true empath – relating and absorbing everyone’s mood around.

  8. You’re easily confused

    With all the feelings and emotions running through a Pisces veins, confusion tends to set in more often then not. Sometimes it’s difficult to seperate the feelings from situations which creates a lot of confusion. 

  9. You believe and trust much more than you should

    Pisces believes in the best in people. In their hearts they truly believe that everyone has the potential to be good and kind. Gullibility is a trait that a Pisces has to always be aware of and not let it get the best of them. 

  10. You forgive quickly

    Nobody can forgive and forget better than a Pisces. They have this unique ability to let bygones be bygones and move through the pain that others caused them. 

So the last question is how many of these Pisces traits can you relate with? The more you can relate to … the truer a Pisces you really are.  

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