My TOP TEN Reasons Why I Use Astrology

Astrology is truly one of the loves of my life.

Here’s a quick run down of MY TOP TEN reasons why I use Astrology:

Reason #1: Astrology helps me to UNDERSTAND MYSELF better.
We’ve all got certain defaults and personality traits that can help us as well as work against us in certain situations.  Astrology can help you see yourself up close and personal.

Reason #2: Astrology helps me to explain WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON.
Life is complicated.  Sometimes we get caught up in certain influences and it’s nice to know what is going on behind the scenes.

Reason #3: Astrology tells me about the PHASE OF MY LIFE I’m currently in.
I personally love knowing why I’m drawn to certain things or feel a certain way during certain time periods.  Astrology helps me to see what I should be doing in order to use the astrological influences around me to my advantage.

Reason #4: Astrology reveals WHERE I’M GOING NEXT.
Just as I love knowing about my current phase – I also like to have a little foresight into where I could potentially go next.  This helps me focus on certain things NOW and preparation for the later.

Reason #5: Astrology gives me HOPE.
Some periods are just plain ‘ol ROUGH.  I like having the hope factor that Astrology gives me.  It helps me to quickly see when the rough patches will eventually end and how something beneficial will come out of it.

Reason #6: Astrology helps me to UNDERSTAND OTHERS better.
People can be great – but they can also be difficult.  Astrology helps me to understand a little better where others are coming from.  I can’t change YOU but I can change how I REACT.

Reason #7: Astrology tells me what the CLIMATE or FEEL of any given time period.
Energy is just higher or lower during certain periods.  It’s always nice to have a little feel for what’s in store.  This thinking can also help me appreciate the moment I’m currently in.

Reason #8: Astrology is ALWAYS TRUTHFUL with me.
Astrology doesn’t sugar coat the obvious.  The planets can be your best advisors if you’re willing to listen to their message.

Reason #9: Astrology gives me something to LOOK FORWARD to.
Man I love a good date to have in the back of my mind.  Knowing about the good dates, helps me get through the valleys.   It’s nice to know that there’s a positive peak that I can eventually have the opportunity to tap into.

Reason #10: Astrology gives me SPECIFIC DATES.
Some days we should just stay in bed or go for the gold!  Astrology helps me to hone in on the specifics of when I should do what.  It also helps me to see that maybe something happening is an opportunity that I should consider.

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