FreeMy favorite part of the month of October is in motion.

The week ahead is a good one. There’s a ton of earthy support to grab a hold of. If you’re totally lost on the earthy part – it equates to grounding, sustainability and support in the astrology realm.

If you’ve been feeling ungrounded lately, this week’s combos will help you and give you some lift to get ahead.

Feelings of confidence and the ability to make things happen will be around. And of course there could be a little luck and opportunity thrown in the mix – which is always something great to hear.

The planetary combo that of the most importance this week is the final Jupiter Venus conjunction of 2015.  Jupiter and Venus are the luck masters of the zodiac. They typically only meet up once or twice a year. However, this year will end up being very different.

This year Jupiter and Venus will end up meeting up a total of three times and the 3rd time is almost here. It will occur exact on October 25th, 2015.

Did you ever hear about the power of 3’s? I know I have and every time I think of the saying “the third time’s the charm”. I’ve seen this in action many times and it’s the exact way I see things playing out now.

The last two times these luck and opportunity planets met up was on June 30th and August 4th. If important things were in motion for you then— things could be coming together in a good way with this week’s combinations. Even if you didn’t feel the impact then, there’s a high probability that you could tap into some of the good energy now.

Some key things to keep in mind during this time…..

The planetary combinations manifesting this week not only have to do with Jupiter and Venus. Pluto, the transformational & powerhouse master, is also in play. He’s going to have a lot to say in what goes down in this upcoming opportunistic time. Perhaps it’s finally time for some of us to take some confidence back.

Pluto wasn’t behaving then, as nicely as he is now, and this could be the time where he gives a little back to all those who were depleted of their confidence. Tapping into your inner power is quite possible with Pluto’s good side in motion.

Love, relationship and money matters could also benefit. Themes that were prominent during the summer months should come to a completion point now. The combinations in play tie up some important themes of our karmic summer of love and relationships.

Venus was moving retrograde the last time she met up with Jupiter. Now she’s uninhibited, moving forward and working nicely with Pluto and Mars. She’s also operating in a totally different sign. Her operation in Virgo could reveal her more practical side. While she was in Leo – she was more flirty and fun oriented. Now she needs to buckle down and get business done.

My final note is to take advantage of this week’s good energy. The planets will be moving into some challenging combinations as we head into November. Another turning point is coming with the final super moon taking place at the end of the month.

This is the time to embrace the moment and go after your goals.  There is magic around for the taking this week – but it’s not the kind that pops out of now where. It’s the kind that lives within each of us. The kind that helps us to rise above the challenges and keep moving despite the odds. We’re all changing as a result and sometimes change is a good thing.

If you’re curious about where this energy is playing out check out the member scopes for specific details.

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