Loving a Gemini can be unpredictable and tricky at the same time.

But capturing a Gemini heart can be the most rewarding— once you master their maneuvers.

First and foremost, if you’re planning on going out anywhere, seriously consider taking a Gemini or finding one to mingle with. You won’t be disappointed or bored—I promise. You might, however, end up talking a lot, get caught up in some spontaneous happenings and end up meeting a ton of people. Mixing things up can certainly deliver a bit of fun and help to lighten any mood.

In good spirit and fun, let’s take a loving a Gemini and the secret to the unpredictable heart.

Having a little fun, playing tricks and getting people to smile are just a few of the things that Gemini do best. This is a sign that loves to think about a million and one possibilities and try the one that might get a rise out of you. They aren’t messing with you to be mean—they are doing it because they want to be playful, laugh a little and see you smile. Gemini will always be able to see the lighter side to any snafu and help you giggle at the craziness of it all. A kid at heart is what Gemini truly is, and if you’re looking for someone to laugh and have fun with, call one up and make a plan. Just be prepared for the plan to switch up a bit or a lot—because a Gemini is always changing things. They can’t help it, they are spontaneous creatures of nature who have multiple sides to their personalities. While some people can stick with the same thing forever and ever, a Gemini can’t stand it. They embrace change, crave stimulation and get bored easily doing the same thing over and over. Engaging, exciting and intriguing conversation are what you’ll get when you find a true blue Gemini.

If you ever end up falling for a Gemini, get ready to be on your toes.

When it comes to matters of the heart, flowers or pricey romantic gestures are likely not going to be the thing that rocks a true Gemini’s world. They crave mental stimulation and communication. These are the things that are the true secret to a Gemini heart. At the end of the day, they just want someone to share their thoughts with. Whether their musings are serious, playful or mind-bending, all they want to do is tell you what’s on their mind and feel that you’re listening. They love with their thoughts and feel with their mind. If you can keep them guessing, never leave them bored and help them find their way through their thoughts, you’ll probably have no problem winning one over—mind, body and soul. A major benefit of loving a Gemini is their playful and inspirational spirit. Life will never be dull with them and they’ll keep you guessing for eternity. They want to keep you on your toes and make sure the moments you have with each other are far from ordinary.

Finding the extra-ordinary is something a Gemini is always on the look-out for—especially in the relationship department.

No matter how you look at this sign, there’s a ton of greatness in all they have to offer.  There is no stopping them from keeping us on our toes, mixing up our world and helping us see the lighter side of life. It’s important to thank them every once and again for helping us to see that life is for living and laughing a little (or a lot).

If you’re lucky enough to have discovered the secret to loving a Gemini, then you know your world was rocked the moment you found them.


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