The Planetary Message and Astrology of 2019 for Every Sign

Moon Art by Jennifer Henriksen

After much thought, analyzing and talking to lots of people I formalized my 2019 Astrology Forecast

In my annual tradition, it is published with elephant journal. This article is my 5th annual astrology forecast presented there —one of my favorite online publications. There is something for every sign including the main 2019 planetary message. 

Here’s an excerpt from my forecast on elephant journal: “The Big Box of Astrology for 2019 – Change is Coming Your Way”

Too many of us are bruised, battered, and worn from 2018’s energy.

One of the things that most of us enjoy about astrology is its ability to give us some indicators into where we go next.

Astrology is not just about what lies ahead—it’s about the past and present, too.

Similar to a weather forecast, the movement of the planets can share indicators into what to expect. Having a little insight into the planetary tides, especially around a new year, can be quite helpful for setting our intentions.

How we choose to deal with the forecast—both the sunny days and the rainy ones—will ultimately be up to us.

We can’t change the world or particular circumstances—but we can take on new viewpoints and become more open-minded into where we decide to put our annual efforts.

Wherever we go from here, it’ll be of benefit to take into account all of our efforts up to this point.

Some of us moved mountains this year, while others were left in a state of being paralyzed because things got too overwhelming. No matter our personal story, most people that I have talked to felt like 2018 was an overly emotional and angry hurricane.

As an astrologer, when I look out into the 2019 terrain, I see a lot of new influences coming onto the scene.

This is something many of us will appreciate because of all that difficulty of 2018. There are new planetary elements adding to the 2019 mix that give us more room to breathe—and the opportunity to get out of the funk of our changing situations.

With that being said, there are influences that will remain for the long-term and only gain additional momentum. There is no doubt that we are in a great state of change and the planetary story backs this notion 100 percent. With a major solar eclipse and series of Super Full Moons—all in the critical degrees—lighting up the first three months of the year, change comes onto the scene early……

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