2016 presidential election campaign astrologyThe question of who will win the 2016 Presidential Election has crossed the minds of many people.

It’s a question that has come up for people living both IN and OUT of the USA—because it’s been such a widely publicized spectacle. Many people have compared the campaign to a reality TV show with each episode getting even crazier than the last. No matter what our beliefs, we can’t deny that the race to the American Presidency has gotten people’s head spinning as well as created intense emotions and questions about what will come next. Now, because I’m an astrological nerd at heart and this is my place to be just that, I’d like to address the topic of the Astrology of the 2016 Presidential Election from an astrological point of view.

Some notes I want to mention before I begin.

I am not political by any stretch—except for a Full-Day Kindergarten campaign I started for my town in 2012. Other than that, I prefer to stay far far away. I’m a Pisces after all and Pisces and politics don’t mix.

However, given the intense debate on what Election Day 2016 in the USA will bring, I can’t help but bring the planet’s point of view into the picture. The truth of the matter is that astrologers love looking at questions such as this. When big questions are lurking, we always look at what the planets have to say. It’s just what we do and it’s intriguing to look at the possibilities.

Politicians lie but the planets never do.

Let me begin by saying that astrology is a picture language. Using this planetary language, I’m going to try to bring the American 2016 Presidential Election picture alive in the most unbiased way possible.

In my opinion, the “roots” of this unbelievable campaign stem from the Saturn-Neptune Square that’s been in play since late 2015.

I initially wrote about this major influence back in 2015 here:

Saturn-Neptune Square: Seeing Our Way Through a New Kind of Perfect

And then again here when it peaked in September 2016:

Final Saturn-Neptune Square: Sobering Up and Seeing Through the Disillusionment

It’s been a rough one to deal with but thankfully this influence is in the process of dissipating. The only problem is that the repercussions are still being felt. As I previously wrote, “These two planets have been the culprit behind many of us feeling unexpected and jaw dropping twists in our realities.”

This sentence pretty much sums up what has gone on in the 2016 campaign. Saturn and Neptune’s effects have led us into disillusionment, fear and despair –  characteristic symptoms of their negative sides. 

The more personal question is “why do we have to go through transits such as this?” I think the answer revolves around making changes in order to cut through denial and start seeing things for what they really are. Neptune has a vision while Saturn wants to cut it down and make it real.

The politicians…

I would argue that Donald Trump is being represented by Neptune. His “I have a dream” kind of thinking with the catchy “Make America Great Again” is very Neptunian to me. While Hillary Clinton is Saturn. Her changing mottos have been less catchy which is typical of a serious hum-drum Saturn who’s not really known for his creative pitches. Hillary also been referred to the devil more than once, which is totally Saturn given his hard ways.

Now, how we all go about looking at things and bringing it to reality in our own lives is vastly different—but “bringing a new vision into light” is a big theme of these two planets AND one that has seeped into the presidential campaign.

Scorpio – Hillary Clinton

As far as the candidates go, many astrologers have gone through the charts and I hate to be redundant. There is also controversy on Hillary Clinton’s actual birth time which messes with astrological accuracy. In my own analysis, I used an 8:02 am birth time (October 26, 1947, Chicago IL) which is what seems to resonate with most. However, Hillary herself has given contradictory birth time info. Being a strong Scorpio, she has opted to not reveal her actual birth time. I’m not surprised because a true blooded Scorpio never reveals all and calculates most moves.

Interestingly enough Scorpios are also the biggest believers in astrology. I can’t help but wonder if she’s had her own chart looked into.

Gemini – Donald Trump

As far as Donald Trump’s astrology chart goes, he’s had no problem sharing his birth details (June 14, 1946, 10:54 am, Jamaica NY). This astrologer thanks you for that Donald because there’s nothing better than an exact time! He’s loud and proud of who he is —as any Leo rising conjunct Mars would be. His strong Gemini Sun-Uranus conjunction has certainly kept us guessing and made our jaws drop many more times than once.

But some of his biggest secrets revolve around matters far from birth times. Questions surrounding his tax matters have created quite a lot of hoopla and for good reason. We can blame his decision to keep that a secret on Neptune (ruler of his 8th house of taxes) living so cozily in his 2nd house of money.

**Astrological tidbit: He can run but likely can’t hide for too long with transiting Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter. His 8th house is ruled by Pisces currently ruled by Neptune and classicly ruled by Jupiter. A double whammy in the money/tax department. Not to mention Pluto squaring his Progressed Venus in the 2nd house. Double OUCH in the monetary department.

Let’s begin with the Day of the Election

In any event, I’d rather not spend too much time on looking at the individual charts because I can’t weigh them equally without Hillary’s exact time.  What I’m more interested in sharing here is the astrology of the “after-effects” of the election.

That’s what we’re all after anyway. So what will the election results be after this is all said and done?

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon will start off in Aquarius. Here’s what I’ve written about the Moon in Aquarius in my Moon Sign Page

A Moon in Aquarius is always looking to make the world a better place – from a humanitarian standpoint.  It’s a Moon Sign that is detached from one-on-one interactions but will jump at a cause where it can lead the masses.  It’s greater purpose is to help people and sometimes that can take on a bit of a controlling attitude. They might be the first to jump in and share their opinion on what a person can do to change their situation.  They have a powerful ability to help the greater good and can truly move mountains in humanitarian efforts of all kinds.  Changing an oppressive situation or helping a cause of any kind  is something that would emotionally satisfy them.”

This reveals that people are going to be getting out there and wanting to make a difference – at least initially. Because what will happen is as the day goes on is that the Moon will transition into Pisces (the shift occurs at around 4 pm EST). This is going to move people to make more EMOTIONAL decisions.

Moon in Pisces

This is what I say about a Moon in Pisces:

A Moon in Pisces is a highly imaginative and mystical place for the emotional realm to live in. It’s a spiritual place and can’t be bothered with anything mundane.  These types are deep.  They are great philosophers and have the greatest ability of all the Moon Signs to truly get in touch with themselves at a deep level. Their emotions live in the ocean and the waves could sometimes sweep them away if they aren’t careful.  This is a sign that can be highly impressionable and literally absorb other people’s emotions or energy without even realizing it.  Feelings can come up, similar to waves crashing against the sandy shore, very easily.  They also have a great ability to feel the true nature of a situation easily.  This attribute can be a downfall if not wielded properly.  When you soak up other’s energy it can literally end up draining you emotionally so it’s important that they surround themselves with the right people.  It’s also important to have a creative or physical outlet where they can release their own  as well as others emotional build-up that has been soaked in.”

Given the Moon’s placement, I bet there is a big difference in voter decisions made in the earlier part of the day (let’s say BEFORE going to work) vs. those that are made later ( or AFTER coming home from a long day).

People will likely become much more IMPRESSIONABLE and perhaps even more gullible the later they vote.

Most importantly, however, isn’t the Moon’s placement that reveals the big story in my opinion. It’s the placement of Mars – the action and drive planet who will be SWIMMING deep in the 29th degree of Capricorn. The 29th degree in astrology is a TURNING POINT – read more about it in my MAGIC 29 article.

By the end of election day (9:51 pm on the West Coast/12:51 am the day after election day on the East Coast), Mars will shift into the sign of Aquarius. This BIG planetary shift indicates a very impactful shift of energy and a new direction coming onto the horizon. The winner might just be called at the point of this sign change.

Whoever wins will likely make some radical or “outside of the normal box” moves.


I also want to mention that Hillary Clinton has a few more things going for her in the “transits” department. (Transits are the moving planets that affect our Natal Charts – check out my spin on How Astrology Works here).

A lot of the planetary placements will be in Scorpio on election day. Regardless of her exact birth time, Hillary has the Sun, Chiron, Venus and Mercury all in Scorpio. The Election Day Sun will be touching her Venus EXACT and regardless of all other factors that planetary factor will help her look good. It might even help ease her volatile Saturn/Pluto/Mars conjunction that’s the culprit behind making her so “hard-core” and unlikable.

This is an astrological combination that is a force to be reckoned with and if any woman can make it to the top it would be a woman with this combination.

Another important factor is that the turning point Mars will be in an exact SEXTILE (a favorable combination) to her natal Jupiter.

Now let’s look at the Day AFTER the Election

The Moon will be fully immersed in Pisces the day after the election and more importantly touching murky Neptune. Information will likely be skewed and confusion will be around in bigger ways than usual. Someone may want to slander or create a bamboozlement on the results (typical Neptune behavior). We may not get clear answers initially and have to see our way through the fog patiently.

Super Full Moon Influences

I also went a little further ahead to look at the Super Full Moon that occurs several days after the Election on November 14th. Full Moons are closing points and this is the catalyst that truly closes out the campaign in my opinion.

This Super Full Moon will conjunct, or touch almost precisely, Donald Trump’s Midheaven. Something in his career or place in the public eye is ending and being taken to a new level. His life is moving in a new direction. This is revealed with this Super Moon putting him and his public persona in the spotlight in a big way. His ego (which we all know is just as big as a Super Moon) may also be effected negatively at this time with the Super Moon in a difficult stance with is powerhouse Mars that touches is Ascendant.

I can’t comment too much on the Super Moon for Hillary since we are not 100% sure of her birth time. It will oppose her Natal Mercury which could put a major damper on communications for her (additional email scandal problems?).

And the Winner Is?

We’re all going to have to wait till November to see what the planets have in store as far as the results go. For the moment, it’ll be interesting to see what the next month will bring in the final stretch of this mad campaign.

I want to leave with a final note which I had previously mentioned in my Saturn-Neptune article that I think is really important in the big picture.

“This is the perfect time to use the energy at hand and make a decision to swim ourselves to an entirely different destination.”

No matter what the final outcome is, the people’s decision will create an environment for change. The person elected will be a catalyst for a new shift of energy in America. 

Get into the “I can Make a Difference” Vibe (because you can!) and make sure your vote gets in. If you need help registering or
Making Sure You’re Registered to Vote
GO TO: Can I Vote.org

Two Great Prediction Articles:

As I mentioned astrologers love discussing big subjects such as this from an astrological point of view. The election has been discussed for a long while now in the astrological community and I want to share some other articles that have been particularly insightful to me:

  1. “Astrology of the 2016 Presidential Election” by Nina Gryphon
  2. “Trump TV: The Season Finale” by Kevin Burk

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