The Astrology Behind the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius: Rare Celestial Event Alongside a Change of Seasons

December 21st marks one of the most important days of 2020, a year that has already delivered momentous planetary events. A very rare planetary occurrence, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, takes place alongside this year’s Capricorn solstice. This collision of planetary energies only happens once every twenty years, however it hasn’t happened in the sign of Aquarius in over 600 years! Events and circumstances are now going to happen to make it quite clear what areas of our life are holding us back from the new places we need to go.

A rare event takes place as Jupiter, the planet of expansion makes a head on collision with Saturn, the planet of restriction.

Not only will we be FEELING this momentous collision of Jupiter + Saturn energies but we will be able to see it too. Looking up in the sky on December 21 you won’t be able to miss the planetary collision. It’ll be shining bright like a Christmas star. These two opposite energies coming together, in the sign of radical Aquarius, is a signal of the discipline and structure necessary for the great strides we need to take next. We will have to a choice to lean into the opportunity of slow and steady progress or become pessimistic because things won’t be happening as fast as we want. Don’t stop making your dreams happen, but be realistic and honest about your limitations.

Ask yourself: How far can I go? and Where am I willing to commit effort in order to get there?

Reframing the context of our situations is going to be necessary. Everything is always a choice and it’s going to be up to use to steer towards the either side—optimism or pessimism. This combination is classically connected to depression so be on the lookout for looking at only the negative side of what’s happening around you. Given that the sign of Aquarius is part of this collision of energies, we can step outside the usual confines, become enticed to “think outside the box.” Challenge yourself to tap into the inventive, unusual and collective side of Aquarius!  In this sense, this combination can become quite valuable—in addition to revolutionary.

We can choose to grow despite any restrictions surrounding us. Both Saturn and Jupiter will be helping us create the necessary dynamics to develop a new kind of structure or framework to enlarge our life. Saturn can give you the necessary discipline to help tame Jupiter’s wild ways.  As we head into 2021, we can expect to embark upon a totally new and different kind of world dynamics. Given Aquarius’ unpredictability, however, there will be many unexpected turning points that stem out of this as we head into the next.

Join Me for this Extra Ordinary Event

Some tips to making these opposite energies work for you include:

Look for opportunities expansion but be honest about  the time and patience (Saturn) it’ll take for growth (Jupiter)

Expand business goals in careful and cautious ways

Find new ways to manage restlessness and impatience; the Aquarius side to the story says EXPERIMENT with something new

The more you can get into a discipline frame of mind, the better you’ll be with managing these polar opposites

Watch out for rebellion against imposed limitations (this will likely connect to people getting tired and worn from a near year of pandemic restrictions)

Prepare to make decisions on whether to cut off something in your life— or build it up to a higher level brick by brick

Be ready to come face to face with your own inhibitions and self-restrictions -, including the things holding you back plus restrictions place upon you by circumstance

Embrace radical change (example: change of job, living situation, relationship, family dynamic, etc); some may perceive the necessary changes about to happen as catastrophic where in the end they end up being quite fortunat

Capricorn Solstice and Change of Seasons

This radical collision of energies takes place alongside the solstice and the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn. This moment marks the Sun’s lowest point in the Northern Hemisphere, which delivers the shortest day and longest night of the year.  It’s the stopping point before the light of the Sun begins to increase again by one to two minutes per day.

The solstice also coincides with a 2nd Quarter Moon in Aries. Keep an open awareness as the Moon will also showcase her own hints revolving around the new initiatives that began under the Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse on December 14. If that was an important period of development, additional turning points surrounding it may need to happen now. What takes place at this time, will foreshadow your important initiatives of 2021. Set your intentions and make sure to light your candles, fairy lights and bonfires as they can serve as reminders of the renewal looking to follow. After this darkest day of the year, we’ll begin to the follow the light of the Sun’s increasing light and celebrate our own personal rebirth. You are in charge of your own destiny.

Use this powerful collision of celestial energies to your advantage and seize an opportunity to build something entirely new.  This is the major turning point in your story that says, “this is not how I’m going to let the story end.”

Find out where this combination takes place in your astrology. Access more personal information surrounding the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction, both Jupiter & Saturn’s trek through Aquarius, learning visuals, videos and so much more. Also get more of the story with your December Horoscope and extra details on the celestial picture.

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