Astrology Monthly Membership Testimonials

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“I continue to LOVE membership in your site — you do such a great job.” —Barb U.


“Thank you so much for your articles. The information you provide is spot on and helps explain so much for me! Such a great guide. You have quite the gift.”


I am a member and I love your site, all of your work is so helpful. Thanks for your excellent work.” Claire UK


“I found Crystal B while researching information on a full moon going through Virgo. I love how in depth Crystal goes with her explanations while staying easy to understand. I also love her options on reading about moon phases, monthly forecasts, and various planet spotlights.  She has a lot of amazing content!  I am loving my membership!” Amanda Stewart


“I really admire your passion towards astrology. You pour tons of love into your work and into the people you serve. Thank you.”


“I have been following your monthly updates and horoscopes for several years now. I even used it to discover my husband was cheating on me and set my plans for changing my entire life.”


“I look forward to my horoscope every month!” —Jillian, NJ


“I think Crystal B’s Horoscopes are very easy to read. They are simple but straight to the point! She does a great job with them. I can’t wait to read next month’s!” Kiki, AZ


“You are my new addiction.” Stephanie, CA


“Omg, Crystal. I seriously cried reading your article. It touched me so, so much.”


“I’ve been following you for some time and love your work – and you’re sparkly energy.”

“Your horoscope has been so accurate with everything that has gone on. Thanks again for the information you provide”


“Dear Crystal, after our  little chat I signed up for the membership. I was hesitant because my English sometimes lacks vocabulary especially when it comes to astrology. But I am happy I did. Well, let me say: bravo !!! I have just been reading my June forecast and as a Libra I can say you are totally right. It is so accurate it is even a bit scary. Seems like you know my agenda ! You’re doing a great job and yes I agree with you that your forecasts are done with love !”


“Thanks for your horoscopes, love them!”


“You’re just such a pleasure to deal with and your horoscopes are so great. Can’t say enough good things!” —Jaimie – Canada


“I have to tell you that I’ve been following my horoscope on your member site and they have been so on point!“

You can share your testimonial via; Email, Facebook review, Google review or Yelp.