Artwork by Jennifer Henriksen

The Full Moon November 2019 Takes Place in the Sign of Taurus & Comes Onto the Scene Like a Bull With a Rare Mercury Transit

Taurus is a no-nonsense sign that doesn’t like to mess around. With this month’s full moon, taking place on November 12, 2019, ripe in it’s essence we can expect energy to be quite the same. Something isn’t going to want to mess around and a push to find some sort of safe platform surfaces once again. Taurus likes all things safe and sound. It will be asking us to look for the path that leads to security.

But the Sun, in opposition to the Moon will be blazing in the sign of Scorpio—Taurus’ exact opposite. Scorpio likes to play with fear and test boundaries. It has the ability to push through what most us consider “safe.” Expect a strong pull between taking the safe or comfortable path vs. a much scarier one—that could lead to more powerful and long-term results.

We want what we want —but the price to be paid needs careful consideration. The stakes are high with all that’s in motion. The November Full Moon sets the stage to help us make important decisions about what needs to be done next. Get ready to see just how far you’ll go. 

Something else to consider is that a very rare transit of Mercury will take place on November 11—-right on the tails of this Full Moon November 2019.

Mercury will become visible (through a telescope; best seen in North America) for approximately 5 hours as he crosses over the face of the Sun. On average, there are 13 transits of Mercury each century. The next time Mercury will transit the Sun won’t be till 2032 and 2039. 

Information is swirling around and things are taking on a new momentum. Where we land, however, maybe not be what you originally expected, so make sure to keep an open mind. Taurus likes long-term results and for that reason it’ll be important to keep them in mind as you keep moving forward. 

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