Breathing through Mercury Retrograde in Leo: July 25-Aug 19 2018

Practicing Your Lion’s Breath Will Be An Absolute Essential this Mercury Retrograde Season

On July 25th, right alongside a really powerful Full Moon (AKA a total lunar eclipse), Mercury will begin a tricky and rather complicated retrograde through the sign of Leo. As we know all Mercury Retrogrades are messy but this one is happening alongside 2 eclipses and of course a nasty Mars Retrograde.

I’ve learned a lot through my Yoga practice over the years. One of the most important take aways has been the essential art of taking a proper breath. If you haven’t practiced a lion’s breath quite yet … the time is near to roar up and do it! It will help to sort through all the upcoming redos, miscommunications and mishaps that are likely upon us.

Here’s an excerpt from my Member Horoscopes:

Leo is the fifth and most dramatic sign of the zodiac. It likes to be in the public eye as well as seen and heard. For that reason alone it’s obvious that this Mercury Retrograde will be more dramatic than the last. Leo, afterall, will never be involved in anything and go unoticed. This is especially the case given that this particular Mercury Retrograde is taking place alongside a Mars Retrograde & 3 Back-to-back Eclipses. Important detours will be necessary in addition to taking on a new perspective about something.

The most important thing to remember with any Mercury retrograde is to not to make any major decisions until Mercury starts moving forward again. In this case that date is August 19th. The caveat is that there will still be a lot of retrogrades planets at this time. My personal recommendation is to embrace what you’ve learned during this Mercury retrograde and not implement till the very end of August or beginning of September (particularly September 6th when Saturn goes direct). Given that we’ll have come through the majority of the storm by the time Mercury moves direct, I think it’s better to wait a few additional weeks to AVOID any pitfalls.

What we CAN DO in order to use this period to our advantage is:  reassess and review the past in order to improve upon whatever our new goals are.

By the end of the retrograde, your thinking (Mercury) about a certain situation may look totally different than it did at the beginning. …..

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