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The March Super Full Moon in Virgo begins the 2020 Season of Super Full Moons

On March 9, 2020, a Super Full Moon, or moon that is closer proximity to the Earth than usual, will highlight the sign of Virgo. This will be the first of three Super Full Moons in a row and deliver a very important turning point—as well as new information. Given that Full Moons are like light bulbs looking to turn signs on in our consciousness, new details (a Virgo necessity!) will need to come to the surface. Watch for new insights, as well as important factors that might have been missed earlier. Some missing pieces now need to come to the surface.

There is a lot happening alongside the power of the Moon. Mercury will be stationing direct, ending the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020. More importantly, Saturn will enter the critical 29th degree of Capricorn, getting ready to change signs later in the month. The picture may still seem a bit murky or fuzzy given Neptune’s close involvement—but things are indeed happening.

Practical Virgo vs. Emotional Pisces

While the moon will be highlighting the sign of Virgo, it’s exact opposite Pisces will still be gaining lots of attention. A pull to get lost in all sorts of feelings will be heightened. Many of us have gone through intense feelings and thoughts, not being able to decipher what should be done.  Pisces means well – but she can easily get lost and usually has a hard way of finding her way through the maze. This Super Full is a breaking point. A new light begins to shine in where to go next.

This practical Virgo energy can be your snap back into what needs to happen. Clarity into our dazed and confused state, as well as some direction into where to go next will be looking to take over. Virgo likes to get things done and her arrival onto the scene can begin some very important clean-up.

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